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Pantene Pro-V

Pantene Pro-V Aqua Light Shampoo

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Pantene Pro-V Aqua Light Shampoo has zero residue and zero weight, leaving you with nourished hair. The formula hydrates the hair and leaves it fresh without feeling weighed down or looking flat. The clean-rinse technology delivers hydration and rinses clean. It removes traces of excess residue and preps the hair for the super-light conditioner. Free from silicones.

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Lightweight and Clarifying Shampoo

I really like this shampoo! As many other have mentioned, it does make your hair feel squeaky clean, but this is only noticeable whilst still in the shower, once your hair is damp/drying, it feels just like normal hair!

This shampoo has a very pleasant scent, and with the matching conditioner, your hair smell delicious afterwards. When first out of the bottle, the shampoo is quite thick, but once on your hair, it lathers up so well and definitely cleans your hair!

Ideal for

Everyday use



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Great for fine hair

I love how Pantene have come out with a clarifying shampoo. As a fine haired lady, I often find that shampoos filled with silicones weigh my hair down. It’s nice to see such a large brand move away from some of the nasties that fill our products.
The packaging is standard across the Pantene range. It could be better but I do like the flip lid. It is meant to stand on its base but can stand on the lid towards the end of the bottle.
The shampoo has a clear gel consistency which I liked. The scent is fairly generic Pantene and only lasts for a few hours after washing. It lathered well and was easy to massage through my hair. It left my hair feeling squeaky clean and bouncy. My hair was left moisturised, shiny and had some lift at the roots whereas other shampoos can leave it flat to my head.
I would absolutely recommend this product if you are looking for a clarifying shampoo or have fine hair. While using this shampoo I could stretch the time between uses (without using dry shampoo) to three days! It left my hair feeling healthy, nourished and very much like the Pantene adverts.



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Everyday clarifying shampoo

I normally like to use shampoos that help remove buildup and oil from my hair and this shampoo did a great job at that. I felt like my scalp was thoroughly clean after using it without leaving it dry or stripped of moisture. I think its a great everyday shampoo and does a good job of providing clean hair. The only negatives would be that it contains SLS and is tested on animals.

Ideal for

Those looking for a clarifying shampoo that can be used everyday



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Great for everyday use.

I have a lot of hair but it's very fine, so my roots tend to be really flat unless I use a tonne of products.
I got this as a sample and used it on my hair, letting it air dry without any additional products (except for the Aqua Light Conditioner it came with).
My hair had quite a bit of volume at the roots & it kept my roots looking nice and clean for 3 days which is pretty much unheard of for me.

It's definitely my go-to shampoo for air drying days!



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not too bad

I have used this shampoo for a few weeks and didn't really notice much of a difference in my hair. It is quite light but seems to leave me with a bit of frizziness. I will not re purchase.



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Not for me

This made my hair feel very straw like. My hair is very thick and so it made it fuzzy and straight away I could feel the strawness. RESPONSE FROM PANTENE: Hi Clarebear91
We are sorry to hear about your experience with Pantene’s Aqua Light shampoo. We would love to help you find a Pantene collection more suited to you, could you please call us on 1800 028 280?
Kind regards,
The team at Pantene


Not recommended for thick frizzy hair

Beeper Pad


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A great, affordable shampoo

I think that this is a great, affordable shampoo.
It smells lovely, lathers easily and really cleans my hair, leaving it soft and refreshed.
Before I tried this product, I was mainly using shampoos targeted at dry and damaged hair, so thought this might be a bit drying but it's really not. I follow up with the conditioner and am left with healthy, tangle free hair. I have been very happy with the results.



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What they claim: The silicone-free formula in new Pantene Aqua Light shampoo contains groundbreaking water-soluble beads that rinse the hair from root to tip in seconds, leaving it feeling as light as a feather and beautifully nourished. Free of silicone and other heavy ingredients. Features Clean Rinse technology to rinse hair fast, leaving it feeling fresh, clean and lightweight. Nourishes hair from root to tip, leaving it full of health, not residue. Removes all trace of residue and prepares hair perfectly for Pantene Aqua Light conditioner.

Immediate thoughts on viewing the product: I really wish they would do something fresh with their packaging! They've finally started to step in the right direction by taking out all the nasties; why not refine their image along with the product contents?! Just a little frustrating (everything looks the same).

My take on application: I really put way too much in my hand and hair the first time I used this shampoo! Given the fact it had been years since I had used Pantene, I was genuinely excited by the fact they had finally come out with a shampoo that was without all the nasties and didn't smell like a commercial perfumery. A little goes a long way with this light, clear shampoo. It really does help to clean the scalp without stripping it. In saying that, I'm not excited about this product the way I am about a more natural product. It's great Pantene is finally eliminating silicone, parabens and dye from this particular range, however what about their other products? And what about their packaging? Getting off my bandwagon, this shampoo does what it was intended to do, which is clean the hair, in one wash. I emptied the bottle. Would I buy it again, possibly, however there are other products out there I am more likely to purchase than this one.


Please do something about that terrible packaging Pantene (Proctor & Gamble)!

Ideal for

For the die-hard Pantene fans.



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Great shampoo

I received this as a sample and liked it so much that I bought the full size. It does an amazing job of cleaning the hair. I was a bit worried that the 'light shampoo' idea would equal really stripped back astringent cleansing but it was really gentle on the hair and felt it feeling really nice.



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A Good Shampoo

I received a sample of this, along with the conditioner, and have only used them both once. I do like it, however as I have very thick hair I just felt it didn't do enough for me and had to use quite a bit of the shampoo as compared to the amount I would use with my regular products. I did like the look of the shampoo though as it's clear! My hair did feel lighter as the day went on, but by the next day it wasn't. I generally only wash my hair a couple of times a week as it's soo thick and takes forever to dry, so I don't think this is the right product for me. It's not bad, but just not up my alley.

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