Puretopia - Moisture Repair Nourishing & Strengthening Shampoo


Moisture Repair Nourishing & Strengthening Shampoo

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For dry, brittle, damaged and blonde hair, Puretopia Moisture Repair Nourishing & Strengthening Shampoo has a 100 per cent sulfate free formula with an active yet gentle botanical cleanser that is enriched with a ceramide complex and pro vitamin B5, UV filters with patented colour lock protection. Wheat starches and proteins improve moisture, build body, gloss shine and strength. Sunflower seed oil protects colour and fight free radicals. It has a lime, grapefruit, geranium and spearmint fragrance.


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Nationally across Australia in Terry White, Priceline, Discount Drug Stores, Pharmore Pharmacies, Malouf Pharmacies, Big W and selected pharmacies. For stockist details please call 02 8709 8800.

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A Welcome Change!

When you have long, dry and damaged hair like mine you want to invest in a good strengthening and rich moisturising shampoo because it will help nurse your hair back to good health and make it shine! This shampoo used together with the matching conditioner has really made my hair feel so soft, I barely recognise it as it never feels as good as this! My hair also smells just divine with the exotic mix of lime, grapefruit, spearmint and
geranium, imagine that for just a moment and breathe it in! Ahh, so refreshing that I don't even think my husband minds so much when my hair accidentally whips into his face! haha! :D

Australian owned & made, recyclable packaging, against animal testing and 100% sulfate free! I bet you won't be able to find one bad thing about this product! It ticks all of the right boxes!



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Not for me

I won a whole box of Puretopia products including this shampoo. I love that the brand is Australian and is sulphate & paraben free. But it also did nothing at ll for my dry hair...except for dry it out more!



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Mixed feelings

I love all of puretopia products, especially the hand cream and under eye serum. As for the shampoos, during showering I hated it. It didn't lather as easily, a little thick, and definitely couldn't run my fingers through my hair. My mom and sister in law found the same results. BUT when the hair dries, it's soft and luminous. It was manageable (easily brushed). You need more frequent showers as it doesn't clean very well. The condition loved loved it. My hair is so hard to manage and the conditioner is a cant live without item.

Ideal for

Dry hair

Hannah Louise


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Best Shampoo Ive Used So Far

After having so many problems from years of using Pantene Shampoo and Conditioners I have only started to use Puretopia since August as I found it by chance in a local chemist. I think out of all the shampoos that I have tried this is the one that has done wonders to my hair. This shampoo has helped not only with my shin irritations and redness but it has also helped with both my dandruff and itchy scalp.



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Didn't like it

The Pros of this product are: it's made of natural products, is cruelty free (both these things made me buy it) and it smells really nice.
The cons - it's very very thick, which made it hard to squeeze out of the bottle. Also, I found it irritated my scalp. I would get to day two after a wash and would be scratching like a crazy woman. Aaaargh! I used it on my children's hair but they didn't have the scalp irritation, so maybe it's just me. RESPONSE FROM PURETOPIA: Dear Margaret, are you able to let us know if you are using the Moisture repair conditioner with the shampoo. Perhaps you have a sensitivity to this product. We also have a sensitive care range which if you contact me at training@mypuretopia.com we can discuss if you feel this might be a more suitable option for you.
We look forward to hearing from you.



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Natural and Australian Made

I am absolutely loving the whole range from Puretopia as it is Australian Made and Owned and that is a huge plus for me. I switched to this Shampoo only recently as I was finished with my others and wanted to make the move to natural and aussie made. I have to say I do like it. I have not yet changed over conditioners but using the shampoo alone I am noticing has helped as I had dermititis on my scalp and that is nowhere near as bad as it was once upon a time. I blame to much hair dye and chemicals in everything.



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Not "nourishing" at all

This product did not distribute effectively and instantly made my hair feel like straw after only one coloring. The conditioner made up for this fact but I won't purchase this product again when there are other products that do a better job.

cherry pie


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Lovely product

When i went to first use this I was a bit put off by the grey colour and thick, sticky texture, but it's easy to work in and gets nice and foamy. It cleans without stripping and leaves my fine hair light and bouncy without irritating my sensitive scalp. I have to change s&c regularly but this will definitely be on rotation. Paraben & sulfate free.



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Invigorate the senses

I used to wash my hair twice a week then my scalp suddenly got angry and I was washing every two days. I found this in Priceline and thought I'd try something chemical free and kind to my hair and scalp. The shampoo smells divine! It's rich with nourishing oils and the consistency is unbelievably thick. It doesn't spread easily through the hair and you don't need much at all so I find it easiest to apply in sections, massage then add water and lather. The shampoo really cleaned the buildup out of my hair however it's too drying for me to continue using all the time. My hair is long, thick, dry and damaged from bleaching 1 1/2yrs ago. I think this shampoo is perfect for more oily scalps and healthier hair.


Don't apply too much, it's very thick and hard to rinse out.

Ideal for

Normal or oily hair types



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Can really see a difference

I have very chemically-treated hair (bleach blonde) and I was very hesitant to give this a go, especially because it talks about 'stripping' the hair before it starts re-building. On the first go, I became more worried because the product is so thick it's like putting a tablespoon of honey on your head. I had a lot of difficulty working it through from the lump I put on my head. However, stay with it because after 2 days and 2 washes, my previously flat no-body hair all of a sudden was so bouncy and full of volume that I received comments on it at work!
My advice would be to rub the product between your palms before applying.

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