TIGI - BED HEAD Urban Anti-Dotes Re-Energize Shampoo


BED HEAD Urban Anti-Dotes Re-Energize Shampoo

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TIGI BED HEAD Urban Anti-Dotes Re-Energize Shampoo is a hydrating, medium weight shampoo to cleanse and re-energise the hair whilst boosting all over strength and enhancing shine. Contains a tropical-inspired “Bahama mama” shot of fragrance to seal and smooth cuticles while protecting colour vibrancy. Hair is left smooth and strong with brilliant shine.


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Hania Ashfaq


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Best shampoo ever! !!

I'm a big fan of this Shampoo and all products by tigi, bed head. Just one word to define them DIVINE!
I have dry damaged and chemically treated unruly impossible and hopeless hair to be precise. I accidently used it at a friend's place while staying over. And since then my hair worries were cut down to half. It works like magic on my hair. Can't thank god enough for introducing me to this brand. My hair normally can't do without a conditioner but worth this shampoo I can skip that and even then find soft and smooth hair. The only con is its pricey but then again all good things usually are. I have my eyes in the damage level 3 red one now. Just waiting for this to finish. This one is a no brainer for the people with problematic hair. The conditioners are also great and smells great too! I'm sure you will feel the difference after the first wash. I'm sounding like I've been paid to ray all this but trust me if it works for my hair which is nothing less than a bush then you will certainly benefited by using it.


Can't be better! Just a bit pricey.

Ideal for

Dry rough hair



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Smells like Marshmallows!

I won this product in a competition, and I normally only use organic products from my salon, but when I ran out, I thought I'd give this a go.

First of all, the packaging is super-appealing - love the green - and great to use in the shower. The squeezy bottle style means you get total control over how much product you get out which means no waste!

The consistency of the formula is surprisingly thick. Almost like conditioner. I was wondering how it would go, but once you start lathering up, it's fine. The scent is gorgeous and is reminiscent of marshmallows, which is a fun way to kick-start the day!

In terms of how it leaves my hair - a wash only really lasts me a day or maybe two.. Given I haven't been using products with silicone or parabens in it, I think my strands are more sensitive to synthetic products now, and I tend to suffer a bit from product build-up, which can be annoying. The more I use it though, the better I hope it'll get.

Overall, a great product I would recommend!

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