Klorane - Gentle Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk


Gentle Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk

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Klorane Gentle Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk is a dry shampoo that acts as a convenient alternative to cleansing and refreshing hair in between washes. With a quick spritz, botanically infused Klorane Dry Shampoo gently absorbs oil, dirt and odours to instantly give hair lightness, body and bounce. Ideal for extending the life of a blow-wave and adding or maintaining volume and texture of the hair.

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50mL / 150mL


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Worth the extra price

I usually buy the Girlz Only range of dry shampoos, which are still amazing and only $2!, and I was never going to touch the other brands, especially after an 'eh' experience with Bastiste. But I got this free in my BellaBox last month, used up the small one and as soon as I could, bought the full bottle. So worth it! My hair is looking so much healthier and I can go almost a week without washing my hair and it still looks great! LOVE IT



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Clean, fresh hair in seconds! Best in Beauty 2012

I was initially drawn to Klorane as I noticed the clean, clinical style packaging and hypoallergenic formula...from that moment, I was pretty much sold. I have sensitive skin/scalp that is easily irritated, and, as the formula contained oat milk I was very excited as formulations with this ingredient often have helped my eczema.

The packaging is comes in a large, decently sized aerosol can that dispenses the product evenly over your hair. The mist is super fine and spreads evenly over the hair for a very thorough, easy clean.

I love this shampoo for late nights when I don't have time to wash and dry my long hair or in the morning before work, especially if some greasiness is starting to appear at the roots.

To use, I separate the hair into 3 horizontal layers, and spray the shampoo into the roots of the hair. I get super-oily around the crown and fringe area, so I use it more generously there. Wait a few minutes for the product to absorb the oil, and I then follow with a dense, large boar-bristle brush to remove excess powdery residue.


Clean, mattified hair that feels refreshed, silky smooth and looks bouncy and voluminous.

Overall, a great handy product to stash in your handbag/overnight duffle for clean fresh hair on demand. Forget 'bad hair days' and scraping your oily locks into a wretched ponytail - you won't need to, with Klorane! This product is a definite repurchase, particularly as I love to keep one at home and one at work!



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Quick and Gentle

In my opinion, the great thing about this dry shampoo that exceeds all my expectations is that this is a very gentle dry shampoo, that doesn't smell absolutely horrible and doesn't show up on my hair.

First of all, I have quite dry and brittle hair, so I tend to stay away from dry shampoos as they dry my hair like crazy. But I found that whilst I have been using this shampoo on and off, my hair doesn't feel stripped of it's natural oils.

Indeed, a good dry shampoo, must give a super clean feeling without weighing my hair down or showing up on the scalp. Once i spray this generously throughout my hair and between my layers, my hair feels a lot lighter and is instantly mattified. I really like the fact that this is one of the dry shampoos that doesn't turn up on my scalp with weird, dandruff like white powder. All it does is simply mattify my hair.

Moreover. this dry shampoo offers amazing hold and unbeatable volume. Simply just spraying a little bit between each of my layers, brushing my fingers through and giving it a gentle push, each layer is defined creating a very clean like look. It also doesn't smell extremely artificial like other dry shampoos I've tried which is why I love using this product during my exam weeks.

Undeniably, this is the best product for those who have drier hair and want a dry shampoo that doesn't smell like crap. doesn't appear like white powder on your scalp and doesn't weigh down your hair. Since this ticks all the right boxes, this is my favourite dry shampoo to use, especially during exam week.


Spray 30 cms away and run fingers through hair.

Ideal for

Those with drier hair.

Megan Keogh


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Mums best friend

If anyone wants a quality product and and extra half an hour sleep this is for you. I can't live without my Klorane. MUST HAVE



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Quick, Clever Hair Care


Klorane Gentle Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk comes in a 150ml spray can with a plastic pull off lid.
The shampoo is made to clean hair without water and can be used frequently.
It sprays in white powder form.
Shake can prior to use and then spray powder 30cm from hair.
The dry shampoo is left in hair for about 2 minutes to do it's thing and then hair is brushed thoroughly.
It has oil absorbing properties and the oat extract helps to soften hair.
I have dark hair, so I make sure I do not overspray the shampoo.
Overspraying can make the white powder hard to brush out.
The dry shampoo does a good job, keeping hair clean and soft between washes.
It is quick and very convenient for when life gets a bit busy.
Excellent to pack when travelling and one of the best products to take camping, the oil absorbing properties so beneficial in hair looking clean.

Made in France



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My hair looks and smells fresh between washes

This dry shampoo is part of the Klorane oat milk range, the packaging is simple and white with oat grass on the front, nothing special in my books but this product is easy to find in a bunch of other products. I was not attracted to this product originally but after a recommendation I have bought it quite a few times. The scent is invigorating and gives my hair a fresh floral scent that lasts throughout the day. The scent is not powerful so it's not obvious to a person walking past. Sprayed onto the roots to freshen up my day 2 hair I find this product does an excellent job of making my hair look like I've washed it that day. It helps my limp hair by giving it an instant shot of volume. My oily roots are disguised instantly. This product is a real time saver since it keeps my hair from needing to be washed so often. I find this product doesn't leave an obvious white powder residue to my hair like some other dry shampoos so it's easier to work with especially for darker hair. The larger bottle doesn't last very long if I use it every couple of days so I usually pick up a couple of bottles out when shopping.



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glosscars '12

this is a really excellent dry shampoo. just a small quick spray and my hair feels super clean and smells fantastic. it also gives my hair volume so i can style it easily in a nice updo.



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Holy Grail

An absolutely amazing product. It is really good at controlling oil and gave my limp hair a lot more volume. I like the fragrance more than other brands on the market - not overpowering. A good tip is to spray the shampoo onto a paddle brush and then brush through your roots.



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I've tried other brands but this one is the ONLY dry shampoo that I've found which gives the best volume and is value for money. It's the powdery formula which makes it heavy duty for cleansing dirt and oil out of my thin, brunette locks. I spray just enough to not make my hair too white, sometimes I dont even need to brush, I just massage really quickly and style my hair! It’s such a lifesaver and saves me a huge amount of time. ! LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! A true fan for LIFE!


Spray enough so the hair is just lightly covered. You dont need a lot of product for it to work its magic on oil.

Ideal for

early mornings, after the gym, getting more volume out of fine hair!



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Discovered Klorane dry shampoo on my first trip to Paris in 1984.
I have purchased this product regulary ever since.
I used to get my sister in law to send it to Australia before it arrived here.
It is also very popular in the UK
I have very fine oily hair, Klorane dry shampoo has always been a two in one product for me
Clean hair
The powder also adds body to fine hair


Thinking about Klorane and the length of time I have purchased and used this product it is one of three constants in my beauty product life

I have used these three products since the 1980's


Ideal for


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