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Anti-Breakage Shampoo

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Head and Shoulders Anti-Breakage Shampoo helps restore the look of a healthy scalp and protect hair fall due to breakage. It contains vitazinc and works to address the signs of an unhealthy scalp while protecting hair fibres from further damage.

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Less itchy scalp but dried out hair!

I was having an allergic reaction to some recent hair colouring chemicals. I purchased Head and shoulders to help sooth and treat my scalp. Found this shampoo definitely helped my sensitive scalp but it also dried out my hair! Did not like this product at all. Had to add extra Moroccan oil after washing to add in moisture again.



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love it

i love this shampoo it feels so good on the scalp. its cleans my hair so well but doesnt leave it dry.



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Does just what is says

I has psorasis of the scalp, and have long dark hair which sheds a lot. I have been using this range since it frst came out, and I have found this is the only shampoo that both treats my psorasis and helps with the shedding. Whenever I stop using it for a while, even if I am using another H&S shampoo, I find the shedding increases. Definitely delivers. The only reason I am not giving it 5 stars is because like any anti-dandruff shampoo, it doesn't do much to help maintain hair colour (if you dye it like I do).


psorasis, shedding



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love it!

makes hair stronger, nice smell, cleans well


weak brittle hair



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Less itchy scalp !

Often have oily scalp causing dandruff and itchiness..After using head & shoulders, my scalp is more clean and refresh..no more dandruff..less hair breakage as well...i bring it with me even when travelling..


Oily scalp, dandruff problem, hair breakage

Pink diamond


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Yes and No

Yes this works with removing dandruff but I found that it didn't do much with the 'anti breakage' promise. My hair felt no difference after using this product.



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this with the conditioner helped my dry, damaged hair regain itself and be smooth... i



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I cant use the shampoo without the conditioner. The conditioner really softens the hair, otherwise is left feeling dry and doesnt look as healthy



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Love this product!

I started using this product about a year ago and I've never looked back. I always have little bits of dandaruff in my hair and also oily roots. I also frequently straighten my hair. Usually after using a shampoo, my hair gets knotty and dry but after using head and shoulders not only does my hair smell good but my dandruff is gone and my hair is smooth and silky. If I use any other head and shoulders shampoo, it never works the same, its only the anti-breakage shampoo. My local IGA has discontinued this shampoo though, so I'm desperately trying to find it somewhere else.



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Smells Pleasant

This Shampoo has a pleasant smell that makes you want to use it. It doesn't dry out hair and works well with the Anti-Breakage Conditioner. Saying that I haven't noticed much improvement in Dandruff or Hair Breakage although with curly hair that I don't brush it can be hard to tell. I think it maybe needs to be used for a while before you get any major results.

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