If you’ve never had to deal with dry, brittle locks I’d say you must be one lucky lady who’s very fortunate indeed because there aren’t many women out there who don’t fight a constant battle with dry hair.

Whether you’re a blonde who’s no stranger to bleach, a dame who’s addicted to her heat styling products, or someone who simply exposes their hair to the elements, the daily damage caused can not only make your mane look dry and unruly, but it can also be a serious hurdle when styling, as stressed hair is notoriously difficult to manage.

Thankfully though, no matter how you’ve mistreated your mane, we’ve got a few product suggestions to help you nurse your hair back to good health...

The secret is in the system

If you think that using a mish-mash of products that claim to do different things to repair your hair is key when it comes to treating your damaged locks, unfortunately you’re mistaken. The secret is actually in using a system made up of products that work together to achieve the desired result.

The Aveda Dry Remedy™ range features four products that work perfectly in sync, complementing each other in order to banish brittle hair and provide you with supremely soft, supple and shiny strands. In fact, a recent trial revealed that 93 per cent of women who used the Dry Remedy™ system agreed that their hair felt noticeably soft and nourished, instantly. This is thanks in large part to a richly moisturising ingredient called Buriti oil. Harvested from Brazil’s Moriche Palm (also known as the ‘Tree of Life’) the lightweight oil has the ability to effectively penetrate damaged hair, nourishing and repairing it – without weighing it down. Here’s how the system works…

Step one: Dry Remedy™ Moisturizing Shampoo

This rich, gentle cleansing formula is enriched with a patented Deep-Moisture Complex, which features organic Buriti oil and helps to moisturise dry, brittle hair as it washes.

Step two: Dry Remedy™ Moisturizing Conditioner

Formulated with the same Deep-Moisture Complex as the shampoo, this nourishing conditioner makes a perfect pairing with the shampoo, penetrating deep into the hair shaft and delivering lasting, intense moisture to where its needed most.


Step three: Dry Remedy™ Moisturizing Masque

To reinforce the effects of the Dry Remedy Shampoo and Conditioner, use this weekly restorative treatment mask. It too features the patented Deep-Moisture Complex as well as a new fresh herbal, lightly floral aroma with organic lavender, bergamot and ginger lily. . The rich, penetrative formula has the ability to transform even the driest, brittle strands into soft and healthy hair.

Step four: Dry Remedy™ Daily Moisturizing Oil

Containing nourishing Buriti oil, this 99.9 per cent naturally derived lightweight leave-in treatment can be used on damp or dry hair. It’s formulated without silicones and works in conjunction with the rest of the Dry Remedy™ range to instantly moisturise your hair and help you achieve silky, nourished strands, without leaving a greasy residue or making strands feel weighed down.


What is your biggest hair concern? Do you have a plan to help ensure you enjoy healthier hair this year?






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