We’re no strangers to hair horrors here at bh: a quick survey around the office reveals an endless stream of blonde-to-brunette-to-blonde-again blunders, colouring catastrophes, and self-inflicted locks-chopping sagas (don’t even ask Nat about the fringe incident!).

Imagine our relief, then, when this week when we discovered we’re not the only ones to let loose on our own locks with dire consequences – because celebrities fall victim to DIY hair disasters too. Step forward Sienna Miller, who has revealed she had to cover her tresses in tomato ketchup for a year after it turned GREEN when she tried to dye it brown with henna.

The tomato sauce is believed to neutralise the green tinges that can appear on blonde hair when henna dyeing goes wrong, and although we’ve never tried it ourselves, Sienna’s revelation got us thinking about all the other weird things we’ve put on our hair over the years.

So, in the spirit of sharing (and as a salute to Sienna for making us realise even boho goddesses get bad hair days), we’ve decided to reveal our craziest hair confessions. Get ready, beauties, some of them make for bizarre reading…

Deb – chamomile flowers

All throughout my teenage years I used to buy chamomile flowers, soak them in a large bowl of hot water and sit there with my head in the bowl for 10 minutes so that the chamomile could bring out my natural blonde highlights. To this day I can’t drink chamomile tea without feeling like I’m washing my hair!

Annalise – beer

I’ve tried beer before. My dad is a barber and swore by this technique.  It does make your hair shine like crazy – especially for brunettes – and the scent of beer isn’t that bad either!

Sarah – lemon juice

I did the lemon juice thing and then sat in the sun. It was really sticky and you have to be careful not to have any cuts on your head or hands as boy it stings! Also don’t touch your eyes until you have washed your hands! Once washed out my hair was lightened and shiny.

Carli – olive oil

I wanted to give my hair a deep condition so I rubbed olive oil all over my head and scalp and left it on for about half an hour. It was really hard to wash it out from the roots – so if I did it again I’d only stick to the ends.

Kate – talcum powder

I tried talc in the days before I used dry shampoo. It did make my hair fresher, but it was so hard to control when putting it on my application wasn’t very even and went on in patches.

Laura – raw egg

My friend and I had a pamper day when we were teenagers and thought we’d try putting raw egg in our hair as one of our mums had suggested it.  It was a pretty disgusting process – especially if you use water that’s too hot when you’re rinsing as it can start to cook the egg!

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Have you ever had a hair dye disaster? What's the strangest thing you've ever slathered on your locks?