Aveda - Dry Remedy™ Daily Moisturizing Oil


Dry Remedy™ Daily Moisturizing Oil

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Aveda Dry Remedy™ Daily Moisturizing Oil is a naturally derived, daily leave-in hair treatment that deeply hydrates dry, brittle hair, to instantly make it soft, supple and shiny. The formula’s key ingredient is the lightweight yet luscious Buriti oil, a richly moisturising ingredient harvested from the fruit of the Moriche Palm. The oil works to penetrate the hair, instantly increasing hydration without leaving behind greasy residue. Hair is left soft, shiny and manageable.


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When i first tried this, i wasn't too sure. I thought that it would be greasy and feel heavy on. The next day, my hair felt smooth, shiny and a shade lighter than my usual ash blonde colour. I was getting all these comments at work saying how soft and shiny my hair was!! I recommended this product to all my friends as it did a great job for me!! Its as good as moroccan oil, honestly!!


Gently tousle your hair with 2 drops of the oil every night or morning for the best result!

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Anyone !



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My new favourite hair product

I've recently changed to a salon that uses Aveda hair colours and after only two visits can already see a big improvement in the condition of my hair. Based on this I've decided to switch to Aveda products for at home as well. This oil is the first thing I've bought, it's replacing my moroccan oil.

The scent is gorgeous and it does go quite a long way. I like that it actually seems to absorb into my hair and keep frizziness under control for the whole day. I really struggle with frizziness in the current weather so I'm loving being able to manage it. My hair is shiny and looks healthy. I'd highly recommend this product.



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Lovely Hydrating Hair Oil!

Received a 3ml sample size and wish I had so much more!

I used a few drops on my hands and applied it to the dry ends of my hair and using a few more drops, applied it to the rest of my hair.
It's not at all greasy or oily, gives my hair a nice shine as well as taming my frizzies and leaving it feeling soft. It felt in great condition the following day as well.

I loved the aroma of this oil and that it's 99.9% naturally derived and contains no silicone. And buriti oil is a rich source of natural beta carotene - a powerful antioxidant .

3mls wasn't enough!



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Salon quality product

Having quite dry hair in general, I have tried almost every single hydrating hair oil treatment on the market, but aveda dry remedy daily moisturising oil definitely is one of the top of the list.
I love the classy looking packaging sitting on my vanity with the easy to use dropper to ensure I have exact control over the amount of product I am using.
Generally I am not a fan of herbal scents and prefer more floral scents, however the scent of this oil is quite natural, and not too strong and once it goes onto your hair, I find that it almost disappears through the course of the day.
The texture of this is less like an oil and more like a moisturising water based solution. I find that after I apply it on my hair, I am not left with greasy residue on my hands to wash off- so in a way thats like a bonus! I moisturise my hands and my hair at the same time! Also, a little goes a long way, since for my waist length hair, I barely use 4 drops and manage to cover most of the bottom half of my hair!
I have seen a positive change in the state of my hair, the dryness has definitely decreased, and the shine has visibly increased and my hair appears to be healthier after a month of using this on a daily basis.


A little goes a long way, I wouldnt overdo it with this product simply to avoid losing volume and risking my hair looking too greasy!

Ideal for

Mainly ideal for dry hair that requires a bit of revival and shininess, however, It would certainly be beneficial to all hair types!



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Best hair oil ever!

I absolutely love this oil. It's quite light for an oil, but just a few drops really does the trick. I rub it between my palms and lightly sweep my hands over the ends of my hair, then swipe the remainder over the flyaways around my face. It smooths and conditions the hair without leaving that oily look that most hair oils do. As with other Aveda products, it smells herby and natural, which you either love or hate - I personally love it. This is a great product for the whole family. Love, love, love it!


Just a few drops. Start at the bottom of the hair, then smooth flyaways around face with what's left.

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trial team

This oil has a slightly strong scent that disappears when applied to the hair, when applied to dry hair I find it can weigh it down but on damp hair it smooths frizz and softens my hair. The packaging is quite nice in a small glass bottle with a dropper that doesnt waste product. I would definitely recommend this to anyone with dry/brittle hair.



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Does the job smooth frizz free hair!

So I love the result I get with this. Smooth shiny frizz free hair. This was surprising as I tend to find oil weighs down my fine hair and makes it a bit too oily. This product was quite light and I found that I did not have this problems. My hair was smooth and frizz free all day without getting oily. The only issue with this product was the smell. It has a strong herbal scent almost like licorice. I thought it would go away but it lingers and I really cannot get used to it. If you are ok with the scent it is a great product!!



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Frizz Free

The packaging of this product is okay. It comes in a little brown bottle with a built in dropper. I found It hard to get the oil from the bottle. I have to really give it a good shake to get a couple of drops and hope that it doesn't go flying elsewhere in my bathroom.

I really like the smell of this product, very clean and soothing. the product absorbs well into my hair, I hate the feeling of flat hair or heavy oily hair so the product itself works deep into your hair with little residue leaving my hair feeling smooth and frizz free. It is very easy to use. Just a few drops before a blow wave and another drop when my hair is dry just to really smooth it out.



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Good but not great - BH Trial Team

Thanks BH for letting me be part of the BH Trial team for this oil.

I love the fact that the Aveda Dry hair oil is naturally derived and has no hidden nasties. The oil comes in a glass brown bottle and comes out in tiny drops when shaking, great for avoiding waste. Initially I thought I would go through 30mls in no time considering how often you are supposed to apply but this would last for months thanks to the built in dropper. Price wise I think $40 for 30mls is a little steep compared to other oils available on the market.

I applied this oil to towel dried hair as I have medium to course straight hair. I then combed it through the top half and then the bottom half. Once my hair was blow dried I then applied a small drop to the mid-lengths and then the ends as per instructions. My hair at the time was dry and bleached at the ends from having balayage. The natural smell of the oil wasn't offensive so that wasn't an issue, however I felt that my ends felt more brittle and like straw than before I used it. My crown felt oily but didn't look it and I felt as though my hair required washing more often. Flyaways were reduced significantly however that could have been due to my hair feeling oily afterwards. My roots felt softer and thicker, however the ends remained feeling like straw with continued use.

The oil felt very light in my hands compared to other oils like Morroccon Oil and was easy to emulsify and apply.

I personally liked the Shampoo and Conditioner better than the oil and would use them again but not the oil.



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Awesome Product which does the job

I trialled the Aveda Dry Remedy Hair Oil as part of the beautyheaven trial team. My hair is dry and damaged after years of blonde bleaching and heat styling. The first thing I noticed about this product was the smell, which was evident before I took it out from the packaging. Some may enjoy the herbal scent which reminded me of liquorice but I however found it hard to like even after such a long period of trial. The glass bottle has a screw top and a dropper which is activated by shaking it onto the hand. Very small amounts of the oil comes out which is great because you don't waste any, however I would have preferred a more exact method of extracting the oil.

Once the product was in my hand I found it very easy to apply to damp hair. It spread efficiently and effectively allowing for it to absorb into the hair in no time. When using in dry hair I found it a little harder to spread but it did the job just the same. My hair was nourished and over the trail period has become soft and manageable. The oil has provided me with ends that don't look or feel like straw anymore. It was easy to use and was also great for fly aways.

I would recommend this for any one with dry hair or damaged ends but make sure you like the smell as it can be overpowering.

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