Herbal Essences - Long Term Relationship Split End Protector Mask

Herbal Essences

Long Term Relationship Split End Protector Mask

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Herbal Essences Long Term Relationship Split End Protector Mask is a high level conditioning rinse-off treatment which strengthens hair against split ends and helps protect against breakage. It works to nourish the protective layer of each hair strand with a red raspberry and silk infused formula. The mask leaves your hair with a light floral fragrance of fruity dark berries.
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This product has a delightful smell! It leaves my hair so silky & smooth, my hairdresser even noticed! The only downside for me is that it comes in a jar. I find jars difficult to use in the shower & would prefer it in a large tube or pump pack. I use it about once a fortnight & it feels like a really luxurious treat, especially for the price.



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I love the smell of this and i love all herbal essances products but this one well i can feel the differance if anything mt hair feel heavier and it tangles more easily



Ideal for

no idea



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Oh the smell!!

This smells great & leaves your hair very soft and smelling nice, the fragrances definitely lasts much longer then just in the shower. It's one of the few hair masks that my hair stays soft after its been dried and not just while its in your hair/ being washed out



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Alright-ish (is that a word?)

I wasn't too impressed with this product but I did not hate it either. It somewhat conditioned by ends and left my hair smelling nice. On the other hand it did not really do a good job of leaving my hair soft, silky, smooth, etc etc - the kind of stuff I expect from other hair masks.

I wouldn't repurchase this or recommend it but I do not believe it was a waste of money either. My overall impression of this product is 'meh'.



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Excellent value for money

I've been using this almost like a conditioner for years. It smells great and is an excellent detangler, even with long hair it's really easy to comb after I've used this, which means I get less split ends in the first place! It's not expensive and is often on special at coles/priceline/chemist warehouse.



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Great stuff

This is a great product. It smells really nice and is great price in all supermarkets. You have to use it for a while to get the amazing effects.


A long term relationship with your hair!



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love it

been using this for months alongside the shampoo and they r good and leaves your hair feeling soft, bouncy and a long lasting smell worth the buy



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Better as a conditioner

I really like this hair mask, it leaves my hair so soft and smooth and I can still smell it the following day (though not very strong of course). The fragrance is really nice too! Unfortunately, I only really saw a bit of a difference in my split ends but this serves for a really good conditioner, and I bought it for about $6 or less at Priceline and I really love it. Definitely going to repurchase when I run out!

I really recommend this to people with dry hair, my ends are a little dryer than the rest of my hair but not really dry but with this, my ends feels like the rest of my hair and are really nice and smooth!



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silky, smooth hair

This product is fantastic!! i always notice the difference when i dont use it. I just love the results!! its a staple in my hair care regime.


I have platinum blonde hair and i used to style it every day (ive finally stopped) but my hair is damaged as a result and this mask is helping to strengthen my hair and give it shine again.



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Makes my hair so smooth!

First of all this product smells absolutely amazing! Normally my hair is a bit frizzy with flyaways around the crown of my head, but after using this product my hair is shiny and smooth. I usually leave it on for around 10 minutes, then rinse with cold water. I have a bit of a problem with split ends usually and while this doesn't fix them, it does make them less noticeable which is great.
I only use this once a week because like some other reviewers i found that frequent use can weigh down my hair a little bit.
As a side note, I was also really impressed with the packaging, it came in a really sturdy tub, which is great as often when things get dropped in my shower they can crack or split leaking product but not this one!

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