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Herbal Essences

Dangerously Straight Leave In Cream

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Herbal Essences Dangerously Straight Leave In Cream is a moisturising, leave-in conditioner designed to strengthen and straighten your hair. It also restores lost moisture back into your hair that has been caused by heat styling, and is infused with pink lily and asian silk.

Apply the cream to your hair whenever you want to achieve a smoothing and straightening effect.

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Coconut Jayne


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Great buy - bargain price!

Although this does not completely straighten hair (well my hair - wavy - it may work on someone whose hair is more naturally straight), it does significantly reduce frizziness, flatten fly-aways and give hair a lot not shine! When you first apply the product (if on dry hair) it feels a bit greasy, however, this disappears within the hour; leaving hair soft and light. This product smells amazing but also subtle preventing it from clashing with any other scent you may be wearing. Finally, I love the look and convenience of the pump bottle!


Works best when applied after showering.

Ideal for

Those with wild, untameable hair to people with thin, straight hair and everyone in between!



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Beautiful sweet scent

I run a small amount of this treatment through my hair after washing it and found that while it doesn't straighten as well as an actual straightener would do, it does smooth out flyways and gives it a lot of hydration which does make your hair look a lot 'straighter'. It also has a really beautiful scent. It comes in a pump bottle for easy application.



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Smells nice!

As a curly haired girl i'm always looking for products that can help me to achieve the smooth and straight haired look.
Sadly this wasn't the product for me. Although it smelt lovely it was heavy on my hair and made it look greasy and flat.
It actually didn't make my hair softer, like I said, it made it look greasy and flat.
Also, my hair didn't straighten, it was more of a really loose wave.

I wouldn't buy this product again. I've since found my holy grail.



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Love at first try!

I have really frizzy hair it's unbelievable. For months, I was searching for a product that would help tame my wild hair until I came upon this. At first I used it as a last-minute fixup in the morning if there were some strands of hair astray, and it worked relatively well. I then began using it after my showers, hoping for a better and more permanent result. Though it didn't leave my hair straight, it left it soft and only slightly wavy, which looked really good. I love the smell of it too - one of the reasons why I convinced myself buying it! The pump is also a plus, as it keeps the application process clean. I would definitely buy this again when my bottle runs out!


Apply this after your shower when your hair is still a bit damp. Like conditioner, apply below the ears.

Ideal for

Everyday use after showering, or as the last-minute product to flatten unkempt hair



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This product smells incredible. I used this with the complete range and my hair was so soft afterwards. After washing your hair with the shampoo and conditioner, towel dry and then put a little bit in your palm and then, slowly go from root to tip. I am not sure, if it is a straightner, but love the softness.



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love it

i use this product after i have straightened my hair, and i found it keeps it in position even the day after. it smells fruity and has a silky texture and feel to it.
i didnt' have to use hair spray with this product.
Being a leave in formula has also provided some nourishment to my scalp and hair upon using a straightener.


use to aid in the straighteneing process of your hair

Ideal for

any hair type.



Rating: StarStarStarStarStar

Smells incredible!! Doesn't way my hair down

My hair is very thin so it does get greasy very easily, but I found with this product it made me hair a lot lighter (not sure straighter) but definately a lot lighter and healthier, so its a 5/5 for me.



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Smells divine

I'm currently using this along with the shampoo and conditioner in this range; really loving the smell ;)
So far I'm liking the range; while it doesn't give me the 'deadly straight' look as it says ok the bottle, my hair definately less frizzy, smooth :)



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It's really good

I recently tried the product and it was
- Great, but didn't relly give the straight effect that it was meant to have
- Even though it didn't straighten my hair, it really softened it and made it smoother
- It really de-frizzes and gets rid of flyaways
- The bottle is comfortable to hold
- It's really great for untangling
- The smell is lovely

Overall, it's a great product that doesn't really ake your hair straight, but I like to use it for untangling and smoothing. The scent is great and it makes my hair really managable and helps to keep my hair looking tidy.


Be sure not to put too much in. I did that accidently twice and it makes your hair oily and flat so put tiny bit on a finger and rub it through your and if you need more just add a little.

Ideal for

People with knotty/frizzy hair or anyone who wants a new product that is a great untangler.



Rating: StarStarStarStar-disabledStar-disabled

Not really straight.

Main things about it:
- Great price.
- Less frizz.
- Gorgeous smell, a nice sweet but not sickly sweet scent.
- Easy use bottle, with pump.

- I wouldn't say you are left with dangerously straight hair, really, it just hydrates the hair. I like using it to the ends of my hair as they do get dry.
- Only use a tiny bit, I found that probably the amount of a 5 cent piece is more than enough when applied to wet hair.
- Does make it feel a bit oily. So steer clear if you have oily hair and you don't want to have to wash it everyday.

I wouldn't purchase this again, as I have products more suited to hydrating the ends of my hair, which I occasionally use this for as it doesn't make hair straight.

If you're looking for straight hair, try the Sunsilk Expert Perfect Stright range with the shampoo, conditioner and detangler which seems to work better for the sleek straight look.

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