Pantene Pro-V - 3 Minute Miracle

Pantene Pro-V

3 Minute Miracle

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Pantene 3 Minute Miracle is enriched with a pro-vitamin formula to repair damaged hair in three minutes. It revitalises the damaged surface layer of the hair with concentrated conditioning treatments. It also replenishes hair moisture.

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3 x 15mL / 6 x 15mL

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Melissa :)


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nothing special

My hair seemed pretty much the same after the treatments, so nothing special. In saying that, my hair isn't damaged (I've never dyed it) and I only straighten or curl or blow dry it a couple times a year.



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my go to treatment for silky soft hair

I colour my hair regularly and also have hair extensions in because of this my hair needs regular treatments to keep it from drying out and frizzing up. These little tubes are miracle cures for hair.
Super easy to use in the shower and leaves my hair soft silky and tangle free everytime.
They are also very affordable which means I can use them once or twice a week.


Remove as much wate from hair as possible before applying for maximum results.
Use once or twice weekly.

Ideal for

Dry damaged hair.



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Fuss free TLC

I’ve never been a huge fan of Pantene so I was a little bit apprehensive about using this product but I can say I’m pleasantly surprised with the results.

This is a quick treatment that you put on after washing your hair and doesn’t take too long so you can stay in the shower while you do it. It takes little effort to rinse out and doesn’t seem to leave any residue.

It is a thick, creamy formula that covers well. The 15mL tube is ideal for a single treatment and covers even my thick long hair without spreading too thin. It instantly detangles and leaves hair smooth, shiny and silky once rinsed out. I’m not sure I would bother with using it weekly as the pack prescribes unless your hair is really damaged as the repair it provides is great.

Overall, I think this a great treatment to give your hair a bit of TLC without too much effort. I would buy again



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Healthy Hair

I was quite unused about this product and not to sure if 3 minutes was enough for a proper hair treatment.
But I stand corrected: it left my hair soft, feeling hydrated and with not only a shine in my hair but appearing more healthy looking.
It was really easy to apply and half of the tube was enough for one application for me. It washed out very easily.
I was quite impressed with this product. I probably wouldn't go as far as to call it a 'miracle' treatment but it was very good and I would definitely use it again.



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Awesome product

Left my hair feeling incredibly smooth and silky! Hadn't heard much about this product when I first tried it but glad I did now!

Petite Pivoine


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Great for smoothness, can remove volume

I'm always sceptical of hair products because of my sensitive hair, but this product was pretty good. My hair is normally straight but after using the conditioner it was so silky smooth! No joke, just like you see in the ads! A downside was that my hair got greasy sooner, I had to wash it the next day but great if you need to look good for an event or want to give your hair a little treat and repair. As I have a bob cut I really need a bit of volume to puff up my hair, and it got a bit deflated after using, but that was only because the hair was so silky smooth and just fell better.


Use sparingly.

Ideal for

When you need luscious smooth hair.



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Not a miracle but a great product

Used used all three treatments within 3 weeks for my medium length hair so this could be an expensive treatment if done weekly like instructed. However it is still cheaper than a weekly in salon treatment.
I wonder why Pantene does not make it in a tub or bigger size to make it more affordable?. I only buy it when it comes on special as I am trying to save money. I know you can't put a price on great hair but the product is only nice not a miracle for curing damage or split ends.

Is this Pantene's best product? I think so. I love how the treatment time is only 3 minutes so everyone can spare that amount of time. I did not like the ampoule tube as it said to twist the cap off which I had trouble doing so I just bent it back which worked fine. The formula is thick but not overly thick, it applies easily and feels very moisturising.

After applying the treatment to my hair, I wash it out after 3 minutes and find it washes out easily. The 3 minute miracle won't get rid of split ends but it will help deeply moisturise hair to make it appear smoother and softer. I found my hair is not as tangled as usual or as hard to comb after application of the product. Overall my hair is a lot softer after using this product so I could not be happier.



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love this :D

delicious smell, it's easily worked into hair and leaves it soft and silky. i just wish it could come in bigger bottles. for me, that's the only downside. i usually only get two washes out of it.

Ideal for

ideal for hair that's damaged, dry or split, or just in need of some revival.



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lovely shiny hair

Great budget buy product which favorably compares to much more expensive hair treatments! Left my hair feeling wonderfully shiny and healthy even on my dry ends. Love that one tube does one application so you dont have lots of different products cluttering up the shower. Quick and easy to use, I apply it and shave my legs in the 3 minutes its left on and it rinses out quickly too. Great product!


I just apply on my mid length and ends, massaging on to my roots just before I rinse off.

Ideal for

Great little tube for travelling too.



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Hoping for a miracle

I received these to trial and was ecstatic as I have hair that suffers from many different problems; coloured, frizzy, super-dry, coarse, curly and greying....a lot!!! And I hate my frizzies...I was really hoping that this would smooth my hair out so I could have defined curls not frizzy curls. I love the idea of the ampoules and one ampoule lasted me for 2 hair washes...I didn't need the entire ampoule for one go. I just applied iit to my damp hair as instructed.
I noticed no positive changes in my hair at all...I still had all my frizzies.

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