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bc colour save coloured ends

great product would recommend love it leaves hair moisturised
and soft and fragranced

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Wow! This product is better than I first thought my hair has definitely improved. I dye my hair once in a while and sometimes expose my hair to a lot of heat so it is necessary for me to repair my hair. The end of my hair feels a lot smoother, softer and actually shinier – I am really pleased with the results. I have only used this product for a short amount of time and I really do believe this product helps my ends (I found no split ends!)
What I found amazing is the formula of this product, it does not linger in my hair and weigh it down; it feels as if the product is being absorbed by my hair because there is no residue left behind.
The packaging contains 200mL for $17.50 (I got the smaller version 75mL) which is well worth the product; it will last for a long time. I recommend this product!

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Great for dry ends

I was given this, along with the colour save shampoo and leave in spray conditioner to trial (see my other reviews). I used them all in one hit, to assess how the range worked for my hair. This is a great product (use sparingly!) for people, particularly with long hair, with dry ends. You only need to use a small amount to smooth on your ends (I did mid lengths as well as I have long, layered hair) - it leaves your hair feeling smooth and soft, and is great for adding additional moisture to specific areas. The scent is a subtle, unisex smell. I can't comment on the colour save function of this - as my hair is highlighted so I don't have to worry about fading - however it is a great ends treatment which I would highly recommend to others.

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Love it!

My ends are already feeling smoother and healthier despite my desperate need for a trim before using the product. It's easy to use and leaves no greasy residue. A little of this product goes a long way. Great value for money.

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Lankan Princess


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Grease free finish

I was initially a bit skeptical when trying this product, but i was amazed at how light-weight it was. I tend to use hot irons on my hair quite frequently and I found that after I started using this product my ends did appear very healthy and shinny and not dull at all... I would recommend this for those who tend to have dry ends and the formulation is very light-weight and leaves your hair with a soft, silky and glossy look without the grease that other products normally leave behind

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bh's Kate


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extra boost for dry ends!!

loved this!! i really enjoy a leave in conditioner (and even sometimes spritz it throughout the day just to give my hair that extra shine and smells great too). i used this in conjunction with the other products available in the range and definitely noticed longer lasting colour after continuing use. 10/10 from me!

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Scharzkopf BC Colour Save

I don't normally use leave in products (bad experiences)... but I liked this one! It left hair feeling so soft, smooth & shiny. It sealed the hair's cuticles & acted as a protective barrier from hairdryer & straighter heat damage. The best thing about this product is that it left no greasy residue like other leave in products can, hair still felt very clean.

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Not bad, Not great

This product was okay. It had a nice fragrance that stayed in my hair for days. My ends were still a little bit dry even when using this. It might weigh down very fine hair so I would be cautious about that. I didn't use the product long enough to notice any colour-save effects. If you have colour-damaged hair you may need a more intense, nourishing conditioner rather than a colour-save based one.

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I quite like this treatment, however I'll admit that i do rinse it out after leaving for a few minutes as my hair is very fine and I don't like to wash it too frequently. Like the matching shampoo it has an amazing aromatherapy perfume of natural essential oils and smells like a day spa. Whilst my hair is not darkly coloured, i love the glossy finish that the treatment leaves and how smooth my ends are especially after using the straightener on them (Im skeptical about 'curing' split ends though- in a perfect world perhaps!) Whilst I don't use this product everyday (once a week only) I'd certainly be looking a buying it again as it seems like it could be a lifesaver in protecting hair ends after a cut and colour.

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Liv Smyler


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Hello smooth and silky ends

My ends are so dry normally, and conditioner often isnt enough to nourish those broken ends, let alone hold any colour! I find the strawy ends are always the first to go brassy and i just hate it! That was until i tried this! I found this ends treatment one of the most nourishing i've ever tried, and my newly coloured ends haven't faded one little bit! Highly, highly recommended!

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