How-to: curly side ponytail

19 Dec 2010 04:56 AM | Posted by Editor
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Our beauty-obsessed beauties love using the beautyheaven forums to showcase the new and exciting ways in which they do their hair and make-up. And you know what, you guys are getting so good at it that we’re starting to take style inspiration from you! In fact, i've been so impressed lately that – when I stumbled upon this creative hair how-to from Michelle007 – I just had to share it with everyone.

Michelle007's curly side ponytail is such a versatile look and can be achieved with ease. So without further ado, here’s her step-by-step how-to (complete with pictures too – now that’s what we call professional!)…


1.) Firstly the tools you need are your straightener or hot rollers, a comb, some clips to hold the hair up, a clear stretchy hair band, and maybe some bobby pins. [Bh recommends: Remington Slimline Ceramic (CS1400), Lady Jayne Section Clips, and Scunci No Damage Hair Elastics - Brown.]

2.) Start by curling with your irons, or if you are using hot rollers only wind them halfway up each layer, and allow to cool, then let the rollers out. (If you’ve used hot rollers it will look much curlier than it would curled with straighteners).

3.) Don’t fuss with it too much, spray some gloss, or gently scrunch some gloss into the ends without disturbing the curls, then you should have something like this...



4.) Take some clips and make a section from the top of your ear, going to the top of your other ear around the back of your head.


5.) Then take your clear band and loosely take the top section and secure it in a half ponytail just off centre on the side where you want your half pony to be. If you like you can then wrap some hair around the band to hide it.




















6.) Now you can either leave it as is and just sweep the hair that’s left down over your shoulder giving the impression of a side pony, or you can take three or four large sections from the opposite side to where you want your pony to be, and sweep them upwards, and bobby pin them into the band of the secured half ponytail.




















8.) What you should have then is something like this...



















And that’s your basic easy curly half ponytail!

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What do you think of Michelle007's how-to?

Is there one particular hair style or make-up look that you've totally mastered?