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The ghd IV styler is a versatile styling tool. With a curved barrel it curls hair as easily and effectively as it straightens. Its advanced features include sleep mode, a built-in safety feature which turns the styler off if it is left unattended for 30 minutes, worldwide voltage, innovative digital temperature control and advanced ceramic heaters for a static-free sheen.



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find no fault

ghd seem to be the hight of excellence when it comes to hair straightening brands! leaves hair so straight, frizz-less & also easy to curl!! never trying anything else ;)

Read the full review of IV styler by bek316.



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It was my mum who convinced me to splurge on the ghd. She got sick of seeing me go through crappy hair straighteners every second month. It's been almost a year and a half since I bought it and I love it so much. Speedy to use, doesn't have any product buildup (even though I'm lazy and never clean it!) It leaves my hair shiny and beautiful, and the straighten lasts for four days.

Read the full review of IV styler by claviathessara.



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I'm so glad i bought this, definately worth the money. Smooth and sleek hair is now only minutes away.
My super fine hair is impossible to curl with this, just doesn't work - even hair dressers have tried with no luck.

Read the full review of IV styler by Betelgeuse.



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Can't live without my GHD

I admit, I'm addicted to my GHD. It's outlasted the cheapy ones I've had in the past by many years, and I love it to pieces.
My hair doesn't get damaged, it stays straightened/curled for as long as I need it to, and it's super easy to use!
I can straighten, perfectly curl, wave and flick my hair to perfection with the curled edges of the ghd.
My hair is fine and prone to frizz and volume when I don't want it so this is my must have everyday tool. Nothing is as good as the GHD, and the swivelling cord is a life-saver.

Read the full review of IV styler by Beauty_Jem.



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Money well spent

I can safely say this straightener changed my life. I have gone through numerous cheaper ones that don't provide anywhere near as great a result. The first time I used it, I was blown away. The plates glide over your hair feeling like you are doing almost nothing. And quality wise, the plates have not chipped and still work like the day I got it over a year and a half ago.

My favourite part is the heat time. No longer do I have to turn on my straightener and have the time to put my make up on before it's ready (a little over exaggerated but you get the idea ;)). Within 15 seconds or so it beeps to tell you its ready. I find this most convenient when i want to do a touch up because obviously you want to be done quickly and having it heated in such a short time certainly gets you out the door quicker.
With something like this I think you get what you pay for, and this is definitely worth every cent.

Read the full review of IV styler by MissRachii.



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Cannot live without!

I begged and begged for a ghd for years, all my friends had one and i didnt, and i finally got one for my 17th birthday. Best PRESENT EVER. GHD have really good customer service to, you if you have issues with it in the first year, you send it away and they will fix if for you (but if its not covered under warranty it costs $120 to repair). Ive had mine for almost three years now and apart from a few minor issues with it when i first got it, nothing major. I also get major compliments every time i curl my hair with a ghd, people are amazed at the curl that it gives!

Read the full review of IV styler by JC2409.



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Love it!

With a bit of technique training, you can practically make the GHD create any hair look. I absolutely love the versatility it gives me! It also gives your style a lasting hold, which cannot be said of most other stylers available. I love this and wouldn't go elsewhere for a great hair tool!

Read the full review of IV styler by Alliandra.



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Do people even use other types of straightners?

if they do they should stop and get a GHD ASAP!! hahaha
It is seriously amazing. Curls and straightens. Heats up really fast so you don't need to leave it on & unattended at all, which is really dangerous. It smooths hair and straightens in seconds!

Read the full review of IV styler by adriennee.

Glamming it up


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ghd sorry not for me

i recently got rid of my ghd because i found it wasnt straightening my hair properly and it took me tow hours as my hairs mid length but thick, i took it into the store to see if it was broken and i found out alot of people are having the same problem as its not made for thick course hair, and over each section id have to go over it 5 times and it stil wasnt straight and as a result my hair was very damaged. i have a new straightener that is designed for thick course hair and my hair is longer than before and it only takes me half an hour and straightens straight away. sorry the ghd is not for me, better for people with wavy and thinner hair types.

Read the full review of IV styler by Glamming it up.



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Definitely worth it!

Best straightener/curler that I've come across, it's so easy to use, and it gets the job done.

Read the full review of IV styler by Euphorica79.

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