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The ghd IV styler is a versatile styling tool. With a curved barrel it curls hair as easily and effectively as it straightens. Its advanced features include sleep mode, a built-in safety feature which turns the styler off if it is left unattended for 30 minutes, worldwide voltage, innovative digital temperature control and advanced ceramic heaters for a static-free sheen.



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Can't live without it!!

I absolutely adore my GHD, I cannot rave about it enough! I am so addicted to the gorgeous smooth finish it gives to my hair, and I find it holds the style so much better than when I dry my hair naturally or give it a light blowdry. It's so good for going on holidays with as it fits easily in my travel bag -and no more bad hair days in humid weather. The best part is the fact that it heats up so quickly and works instantly, because I'm usually in a rush. I would definitely advise using one of the recommended heat protectors before use and never use it on wet hair though, because it can damage your hair.

Lenny baby


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Ahhh ghd

I got mine just over 2 years ago after going through 3 cheaper brands over a few years. It's definitely the best and well worth the price because it lasts so long. I've travelled everywhere with it and it's been banged around ALOT but it's still going strong!!



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The best.

I have yet to find a straightener that is better then this one. I have had mine for years and never ever had a problem with it, I would recommend this to anyone wanting a qood quality straightener, GHD is the way to go.



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Best Hair Straightener

What can i sat GHD 's are the best hair straightners ever!!!
I have the IV Purple Styler. It is great instant hair smooths my hair aswell as straightners it. And GHD's curl your have aswell so you have a 2 in 1 product. GREAT PRODUCT you wont regret your purchase!



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Love this straighter, always make my hair feel smooth and it stays styled for days. However, they only last about a yr little bit more as I've heard of several situations were the wiring has failed.



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Greatest straightener ever made!!

A hairdresser showed me this product when they were quite new about 6 years ago. I was a school at the time and was so impressed the next week I used almost my entire pay to buy one! That's about 30 hours of pizza delivery lol ... but there was no doubt in my mind that it was worth every minute of that boring work. It is to this day the only product which has been able to straighten, smooth, tame and shine my dry frizzy curls ... and the styles just last and last! Most important beauty product I own - would not be without it. Don't bother with imitations, I have tried friends' and they just don't compare with GHD. Yes it's pricey but the first iron I bought lasted me 6 years before I finally dropped it on the floor a couple of thousand times too many and one of the plates became loose. That's with regular use on long, thick hair. It's really such a quality product, you won't regret it.

Chocolate rush


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Not recommended for short hair

I have found that my GHD can be quite hard to use with my short hair. I dont get the full versatility of it because the barrel is too big for my hair to do waves and curls. It is a great tool for hair that is almost shoulder length or longer layers, anything shorter would be easier to style with the Mini.



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best buy

i work with hair/makeup...this works fabulously on ALL hair types and i think its the best hair straightener/curler out there!!



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I can't live without!!

This is something that is in my daily life..... and I can use another word other than Great for this equipment!!



Rating: StarStarStarStarStar-disabled


This is a awesome straighter which could conquer the world of kinky hair, i know it does mine. But on a down side it really drys out my hair.

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