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The ghd IV styler is a versatile styling tool. With a curved barrel it curls hair as easily and effectively as it straightens. Its advanced features include sleep mode, a built-in safety feature which turns the styler off if it is left unattended for 30 minutes, worldwide voltage, innovative digital temperature control and advanced ceramic heaters for a static-free sheen.



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I bought a limited edition ghd about a year ago and after six months it didn't seem to work so well. My friend bought the original design and it seems to be much better. I wouldn't recommend the limited editions as they feel more cheap and plastic, and make a slight creaking noise when you press them together.



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the best hair straightner you can get. ilove it and would not buy anything other straightner.
the products that came with my pack i would not rate i throught they were average.



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I got this a few years back and I have curly unruly hair which could never be tamed untill I used a GHD and I instantly fell inlove



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my baby

I dont know what I would do without my ghd, it was the 2nd styler I ever bought and I love it to death, I can do any style with ease, leaves minimal damage for a flat iron and eliminates frizz! Ive had it for 3 years now and it is still in perfect condition:)



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Can't Live Without

So worth the money! Both a curler and a straightner. Takes the bulk out of my hair and leaves my hair feeling shiny. Only tip would be to make sure you never use this with wet hair and always use a heat protector spray.



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live saver!!!

this is my best friend by far!!!! it lives in my cupboard and i don't let anyone touch it but me, ive had it for 3 years and love it to death, where would women be without our straighteners, i can't remember what it was like when i didn't have this baby in my hand.


all women or men with longer hair, not too short cos u dont want to burn ur scalp when u straighten the hair. i straighten parts of my bfs n brothers hair for them they love it. this is definitely the best invention



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They can do no wrong. This styler is an absolute must have, no "if, buts or maybes". You can have it all... Dead straight, waves, curls, bounce, flicks, body. Do with it as you please. What more can I say? Oh yes, that it heats up in about 8 seconds... ready to go in the blink of an eye.



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Best Straightener Out There

What can i say - GHD IV styler is the best straightener i've ever come across.
Working in a salon, we ONLY use ghd straighteners, because they're so easy to use and they get the job, no matter how thick/unruly your hair is, this straightener will do the job.
For personal use i just don't like the temperature is set, but i do love how quickly it heats up to use.



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amazing pin straight hair

I asked my mum to buy me this and it was worth it even though it cost a fortune. I have really long hair and its kinda thick. My previous straightener took ages to straighten my hair, id have to section the thinnest areas and run it over them like 10 times. BUT the ghd warms up in like 2 seconds, makes my hair pin straight and so shiny. I don't even have to section my hair. I just run it through the ends and it does the job. Its really easy to curl your hair with this too. I've been asked by strangers how i get my hair so straight!!
If it ever broke, i would definitely buy a new one.



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Best straightner ever

This is the best most essential hair styling product !!! I love ghd curls are the best !!!!

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