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The ghd IV styler is a versatile styling tool. With a curved barrel it curls hair as easily and effectively as it straightens. Its advanced features include sleep mode, a built-in safety feature which turns the styler off if it is left unattended for 30 minutes, worldwide voltage, innovative digital temperature control and advanced ceramic heaters for a static-free sheen.



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Best Straightener Out There

What can i say - GHD IV styler is the best straightener i've ever come across.
Working in a salon, we ONLY use ghd straighteners, because they're so easy to use and they get the job, no matter how thick/unruly your hair is, this straightener will do the job.
For personal use i just don't like the temperature is set, but i do love how quickly it heats up to use.

Read the full review of IV styler by lalalani.



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amazing pin straight hair

I asked my mum to buy me this and it was worth it even though it cost a fortune. I have really long hair and its kinda thick. My previous straightener took ages to straighten my hair, id have to section the thinnest areas and run it over them like 10 times. BUT the ghd warms up in like 2 seconds, makes my hair pin straight and so shiny. I don't even have to section my hair. I just run it through the ends and it does the job. Its really easy to curl your hair with this too. I've been asked by strangers how i get my hair so straight!!
If it ever broke, i would definitely buy a new one.

Read the full review of IV styler by breathesarah.



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Best straightner ever

This is the best most essential hair styling product !!! I love ghd curls are the best !!!!

Read the full review of IV styler by Chaneleve.



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Super Fantastic

My sister bought her GHD first and I would steal it everytime to try different styles - straight or curly, you name it. Received my GHD as a wedding pressie from my sister (I think she had enough of me helping myself to hers!) LOL! I love how it heats up in 30 seconds and automatically switches off when not in use.The instructional DVD (the videos are also available on youtube) is also very handy to recreate the various styles!

Read the full review of IV styler by Lubz.



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Worth the investment!

My lovely bf purchased this for me a couple of years ago... I was reluctantly holding off becuase of the cost. Well - now that I know how great it is, I would gladly purchase this myself if my GHD broke or went missing.

Perfect for curls, you don't have to get the perfect structured curls... If you really know how to use it you can create volumeous waves/curls... whatever you want really.

This is great when I dont have the time to do proper curls with a tong.

Read the full review of IV styler by starz.



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i love ghd style

I love my ghd, he made me beautiful than before, and my hair more than supple.And do not often go to beauty shop, and as a ghd hair straightener and happy.

Read the full review of IV styler by Ghdplancha.



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cant live without it!

i've had mine for 2 years now n just cant live without it! i love my hair straight then i just flick out the layers! the ghd does it so smoothly! when i go out i curl my hair n the curls look so natural too... and no need for any hair spray! i love it!

Read the full review of IV styler by Natalie123.



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Cant low rate this ...

Trying to give this product 3 stars but keeps coming up 5 stars...

Read the full review of IV styler by Penguin1.



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Is this really the best of the best?? (my previous review had incorrect star rating)

It took 2-4 strokes to straighten my long thick hair- about the same as my cheapie remington. My hair was abit frizzy and static after and it wasn't paper straight. I honestly can't distinguish this one.. am i the only one?

Posted: March 03, 2011

Read the full review of IV styler by Penguin1.



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worth the $$

it is expensive but is worth the investment. mine is nearly four years old and still works like new. heats up in a few seconds and works beautifully. would recommend using heat styling products with it though, as i've noticed my hair is getting dry at the ends from regular use. a must have for any bathroom thoughh

Read the full review of IV styler by Sdv77.

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