We may tease them mercilessly, but it looks like redheads will be having the last laugh this season, with colourists predicting big things for the fiery hue. “Colour is going to get stronger and brighter, and we’ll see a strong re-emergence of red tones. People are getting more excited about hair colour again…I think we’re entering an exciting time for colourists,” said Ian Michael Black, UK-based Colour Director for the Aveda Artistic Team, at the recent Aveda Colour Harmony Awards.

So if you’re thinking of experimenting with a new hair hue this season, break out of the blonde/brunette box and try a striking shade of red instead. With a colour range that spans from strong scarlets, vibrant gingers and rich reds, to warm chestnuts, soft auburns and strawberry-tinted highlights there’s guaranteed to be a hue to suit you.

Need some hair colour inspiration? Check out our gallery below of Hollywood’s hottest redheads…

Want your fiery hair hue to last longer? Get your hands on Aveda Madder Root Shampoo, which is specifically formulated to enhance and preserve the redness in your hair.

Which celebs do you think look best as redheads? Have you/would you ever dye your hair red?

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