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Excellence Crème

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L’Oréal Paris Excellence Crème gives long-lasting colour, 100 per cent grey coverage and triple protection before, during and after colouring. With a new and improved formula containing pro-keratin, it comes with a comb applicator, provided in addition to the standard applicator, which simply screws onto the bottle and is ready to go. Application is made easy, as the comb glides from root to tip, dispersing an ideal amount of colouring formula with every stroke. The patented formula protects, conditions and cares for hair, keeping hair looking and feeling soft, sleek, healthy and manageable. Available in 32 shades.



Pharmacies, department stores, and variety stores nationwide.

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best hair colour kit to use at home

this is the best one out of all i have tried so far. it gives me the colour and coverage i want.i simply love it. i got 2 more for future use.



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NOTHING Covers Grey Better!

I've got premature greying, my first few greys came through when I was in primary school. I've had to dye my hair for years. Mum told me Excellence was the best, but I tried everything else anyway - after all, new products come out all the time! My verdict: Excellence is the best. Even recently, I still try out the newer products, but I always go back to Excellence.
My oily hair can't handle the gentle colour-preserving shampoos - I use the deep cleansing & clarifying shampoos. These shampoos cause greys to pop up a week or two after I use other brands of hair colour - this isn't regrowth, it's where the colour has washed away. I don't get this with L'Oreal Excellence.
My hair is very long, yet a single pack lasts me for about 8 weeks. A pack contains 72mL of developing lotion & 48mL of colouring crème. Using a medicine glass I reserve for hair colour, I mix half of each: ie. 36mL developing lotion & 24nL of colouring crème into a tinting bowl. This is enough for my root touch-ups - the lengths don't need it. I carefully reseal the bottles & use the remainder for my next application, roughly 4 weeks later.
I've been coming back to L'Oreal Excellence for nearly twenty years.


- DO AN ALLERGY TEST EVERY TIME YOU COLOUR YOUR HAIR! You can develop an allergy to a product you've used safely many times before.
- Buy a tinting bowl (with tinting brush included) from a discount/liquidation shop for $2.50 - $3.50ish.
- Pack includes one pair of disposable gloves. If you use half a pack each time you colour, like me, buy a multi-pack of disposable latex gloves from the supermarket to use the second time you colour.
- I've NEVER paid full price. This is on sale regularly for half price at Chemist Warehouse, Coles, Woolies, other discount chemists. Buy 2 or 3 packs at a time when on sale.



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Excellent as in Excellence!(",)

Love this hair colour...it really gives the color that I want and at the same time protecting myr hair from any chemical damage that it may give...It comes with a serum which is totally excellent especially protecting my hair from split ends. The color lasts pretty long before I did a retouch....about3-4 months...It doesn't have a strong smell like other hair colour products....Made my hairmore healthier after using it.


Don't put too much chemicals on your hair.

Ideal for

Normal to undamaged hair.



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Perfect DIY Hair color!

It is one of the perfect hair colour kits to use at home. I have tried many different brands and colors. I have grey hair and it gives perfect coverage.

The shade I use is 4.15. I have already used 3 packs and going to buy 4th one in a couple of days. Leaves your hair nice and hydrated.



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Excellent home hair colour

for about 15 years of self home colouring experience, I will say this is the best for me to get a nice brown colour for my black thick hair. I used Dark Golden Brown and it gives me results that work with my natural highlights.
My hair feels soft and not dry and stringy like other colourants that I've used.


I use a 4cm paintbrush to apply the colour.
I like to apply to the ends first and leave only 10m for 4cm to the roots because this area develops quickly due to heat from head.
Stay within two shades of your natural colour for best results, any more leave to experts.

Brown Beauty


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Love it

I have white hair since I was 23. I have used so many hair colour and this one is my favourite.The colour gives 100% coverage to grey hair. I used this hair dye in dark brown colour. A Protective Pre-Colour Serum is for damaged hair. The lightweight creamy serum is easy to apply and stays in hair. After mixing the tube and lotion, hair colour mixture is creamy and easy to apply. It changes its colour after some time which is very normal. The comb with bottle is very convenient to use and applied product evenly. I washed my hair after 35-40 minutes because I have thick hair. The Protective Conditioner is also very well formulated and in a big quantity. It leaves my hair soft and shiny.
The Brown colour looks shiny, vibrant and natural on my black. I used it after 6-8 weeks and during that time my hair still look good and well coloured. This hair colour stays is very long lasting and stays on your hair for long time. As once I dye all my hair ,next time I only need to touch up my roots , I do not need to go for full hair dye.

Ideal for

Every one and specially for grey hair



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My regular hair dye

I love this hair dye, me and my sister always use this for our permenant colour.
The smell is overpowering like alot of hair dyes, and comes in so many shades! The conditioner is really moisturising. I would recommend this to everyone



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i really enjoyed this colour, i purchased the 5.5 mahogany brown, same brand and includes the same product. The smell is a bit strong but normal because it is a hair dye. My natural hair colour is close to a dark brown to black colour and the outcome after my hair dye ended up good. I recommend the product for people with all hair colours, personally i do not think the hair dye would work too well on black hair.


Leave hair unwashed for a day, personally i think the product works better

Ideal for

blonde hair to dark brown



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Great colour

One of the best at home colours I've used. Comb applicator makes application really easy, and I've never had any problems with the colour fading or not taking to my hair (which happens with a lot of brands/formulas).



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So easy!

I have been colouring my own hair for 6 months and have tried a few of the products on the market. I would have to say that this one is my favourite! I love the fact that it has darkest brown as a colour. Other brands seem to have dark brown then black. I really am darkest brown and have found this colour to work perfectly.

There is everything you need within the box the instructions are easy to follow and the product easy to apply. I really found it fuss free.

After washing and drying my hair I was impressed to see it was glossy and that the softness had been restored. Now I don’t need to spend hundreds in salon for the same results. = very happy me.

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