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Easy to use, no mess hair colour

This product is amazing. I have long hair and have found this product very easy to use. The mousse formula spreads easily through the hair without dripping or making a mess. It rinses out quickly and doesn't stain the skin. I was skeptical at first as to how capable I would be to colour my hair by myself, but this product has eliminated any doubt! One packet is plenty for long hair. I always use 5.0 Pure Brown and the result is a medium/dark toned brown. I highly recommentd this product.

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I've used this DIY hair colour a number of times now....I grab it when it's on special.
I love the mousse concept...makes it easy to apply for me and mess-free...I don't like the drips. I think this hair colour has quite a pleasant smell to it.
I always follow the instructions to a T...and I always buy the reddy brown shades...they're my favourite. Although whenever I use this brand, I leave the colour on for 3o mins as stated and when I rinse it out and my hair colour is almost red, just dark, dark brown -'s not until weeks later when the colour begins to fade that I start to see hints of a red colour and this is mainly under lighting or sun.
I keep buying it though because by the time I get around to grey halo has taken over my head and I'm in desperate need of a colour and when it's on sale I grab it....I just wish the colour result was more like what is shown on the box.

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Nice Colour

Overall a nice product with lots of colour options.Spreads evenly and very easy to use as a shampoo. No drips as well.

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913 turned my dark ash blonde hair hideous copper orange

The box (and photograph) describes the colour as "exquisite light beige blonde" I followed the instructions to a t, I used 1.5 boxes for my long and high lighted hair. half way into the development time I could see the revolting copper colour and prayed it would lift to blonde by the full 30 minutes but no. It stayed this revolting unnatural copper orange colour that looks like a bad mens toupe. Thankfully it had no effect whatsoever on my highlights - expect it wouldn't work on grey hair - , if not for that I would be devastated. Ladies, PLEASE go to the salon saving yourself one or a couple of hundred dollars isn't worth feeling self conscious and shame on L'Oreal for getting the colour indicator so wrong with this product its throroughly misleading. The colour indicator for my hair was about a shade lighter so I thought it was a safe option especially for regrowth. This orange horror came as a huge shock as I have no red undertones or colouring and never have as my hair is ash blonde and never even needed a toner in the past when highlighted. RESPONSE FROM L'OREAL PARIS: We are very sorry to hear about your experience with your L’Oreal Paris product and that it is not suitable for your hair. We would love the opportunity to talk to you directly about this so we welcome you to contact our product experts for any further information or advice we can offer you including ingredients related queries. You can contact them on 1300 659 359 at your convenience. Thanks.

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May not purchase again

So, this was the first time dying my hair. Keep in mind, my hair is Asian therefore jet black. I bought the pure blond shade. The process is easy, it was the result that I did not like. I left the dye in for 5 hour, no exaggeration. I had nothing better to do that day. The condition made my hair soft but my hair had barely been coloured, you can only slightly notice it if you put it into the sun.

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so easy & so gorgeous!

I love this hair colour. I've been dying my hair for over20 years mostly at home and this by far the best product I've ever used. I get great, long lasting colour with oodles of hilighty depth. Couldn't be happier!

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There are pros & cons

Very easy to apply with the foam application however the colour was a lot darker than anticipated with no highlights or any variation whatsoever... Will need to select lighter shades next time.

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Foam application is a breeze

What I like about this product is how mess free & easy to use it is. I use on myself & also regularly colour my daughters (long) hair - always the process is easy, relatively drip free, & gives a consistent colour result. I don't have to worry about hair dye spreading it's way over me or the bathroom, unlike the more traditional non-foam formulas.
I do find it lasts fairly well too, easily can go 2+ months between colours with not much fading or need to touch up

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Pure dark brown = Jet Black

Pure dark brown looks like a medium brown on the packet but don't be fooled! This product left me with Jet BLACK hair, I expected it to turn out slightly darker as they normally do but 4 shades darker than the box is CRAZY! There was not even a shimmer of brown in my hair in the sun, it was totally black. I contacted the company but the response was to call another phone number.I went from a level 7 to a level 1 colour which looked horrible, I have to have the colour removed from my hair and highlights into fix the mess.

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Good hairdye!

I liked this hair dye. It's easy to use and I found I had no problem covering my thick hair with one packet. I found the mousse pump appication made it easier for me to make sure the dye covered all my hair. I did find that the colour was a bit darker than on the packet, but as someone with dark brown hair that usually dyes darker than it's meant to with other hair dye brands as well, this didn't bother me. The colour issue therefore might be something to keep in mind if you choose to purchase this dye.

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