Schwarzkopf Nordic Blonde - L1 ++ Ultimate Lightener

Schwarzkopf Nordic Blonde

L1 ++ Ultimate Lightener

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Ultimate Lightening Cream from 6 to 8 shades, suitable for light brown to dark brown hair. With Strengthening-Complex & Calcium, cares for the hair while lightening. Intensively bleaches the hair giving it a beautiful bright blonde tone and transforms the hair to a luminous, radiant blonde. The specially developed conditioner with Strengthening-Complex reinforces the hair from within and provides lasting protection, for hair that is noticeably softer and shinier.



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up to mischief


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My go to product

I love this stuff, when I was younger I coloured my hair black for a few years, loving the dark gothic look, now being older I know black does NOT suit me at all, I wanted to go blonde, so I began using this product and going through the lightening process. Obviously having coloured black hair, after using this product my hair went a yellow/orange colour which is to be expected! I left it that colour for a month or two and used deep conditioning treatments to help repair some of the damage before I used another bleach, which then took my hair to a platinum blonde colour :) Granted some area's were patchy but i then went over it with an ash blonde colour and it looked great! Don't be disheartened if your hair goes an orange/yellow colour, it is to be expected and is all part of the process :)

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Awesome Lightener, That Works On Any Hair Colour!

I'm a natural read head, sure I have dyed my hair a few times, yes there was currently colour in my hair, but my roots had grown back a considerable amount, when I used this in my hair it even made the roots go blonde, the colour my hair went from it was a nice honey blonde.

I would reccommend this to anyone! It worked so well in my hair and my natural colour wasn't even on the box!

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Great lightener!

After bleaching my black hair multiple times with bleach (peroxide), I finally reached a somewhat blonde colour, and opted to use a less harsher product to lighten my hair. It worked wonderfully, and I got compliments on how great the blonde looked! I have recommended this product to many of my friends and they love it too. :)

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I used this product to go from brown to blonde hair a few times but I really wouldn't recommend it for that, I would only use this if I had dark-medium blonde hair and wanted to go a few shades lighter, it causes a lot of damage to get the job done but it is bleach so what else can you expect, I would recommend going to your hairdresser for any dramatic colour changes.

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It works mostly!

I have brown - light brownish hair and i tried just doing streaks with this. It worked on some of my streaks and they went about the same blonde as on the box, but a majority of them just went ginger. A couple of days after i originally dyed it, I went out and bought the same stuff again and went over the same ones that went a gingery colour. After that, all the streaks were the same blonde as on the box :) i'm very happy with it now!

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IT WORKED!! .... mostly

I'm a natural brunette, and I've been wanting to do something crazy and drastic with my hair for a while now and usually you have to bleach before any of the real results will occur.
I didn't want to fully bleach my hair nor did I want to go to a salon to get it done...being a student has many downsides financially, so I thought why not Nordic, although on the box it does say that for dark brown to black coloured hair it will only have a lightening effect it didn't worry me too much as long as it did something!
First thing I noticed was it had a grainy feel, I wasn't sure if that's how it was suppose to be so I prayed it would work. After a few minutes I could see yellow, I nearly did a happy dance, after about 45 mins I washed my hair dried it a little and had a look at my new colour. I had dyed my hair a really really dark brown a month or more beforehand so I essentially had my roots look like the colour on the box and about 5cm from that a clear line of difference, the rest of my hair was a copper colour. So that was the lightening effect, the box said about. Definitely be aware of that if you have dyed some of your hair black.
I did use the Toner in the same brand and didn't see too much difference of my copper colour but it's been a few weeks and after using a 'Bleach Blonde' shampoo and conditioner, my hair is healthy and I really like the different colours. I was after something wild and crazy and it definitely gave it to me. Although I was thinking more pink and purple :-/

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worst thing ever !

I would not recommend this, my hair was a little bit lighter than dark brown and the box says it will lighten it up 6-8 shades( for dark hair) I have hideous blonde and orange roots and the rest of my hair is exactly the same !!! Do not use this, my hair is completely rewind and dead even after treating it, my hair was very healthy and now it's falling out, horrible horrible horrible !!!

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I was told get this get this it will lighten your hair, so i thought excerllent i will deffently get this thinking it would help me get back to a lighter colour. i had it in for an hour and all it did was lighten my roots witch are my natural colour i had dark brown an nothing happened to it, i was shocked and absolutly dissapointed. after all ive checked reviews had people opinions everything i dont think ill ever buy this product again as its not promising it will give the results said!

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Rating: StarStarStarStarStar

can i just say brilliant?!

i really honestly loved this!! i have dark brown - almost black hair and this turned it into a gorgeous auburn brown with gold highlights. i didn't even leave it on for long enough because i was scared of going orange. i shouldn't have worried though because i love the result. it did dry my hair out a bit obviously but after some extra TLC my hair felt reasonably healthy again.
i will be using this again and recommend it to others :)

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Made me blonde!

I used this to dye my hair blonde for the first time. I had to use a pre-lightner and since my hair is rather long, I had to use about four boxes to get it a proper color. I used it with the Nordic Blonde toner it turned out rather well. I would certainly use it again!

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