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Schwarzkopf Perfect Mousse is a permanent hair colour with a mousse texture that is easy to use, long lasting and gentle on the scalp. The foam is used to colour the hair perfectly, as the light and fluffy mousse gives maximum coverage even in the hard to reach places at the back of the head and stubborn temples. Mousse will not drip, stain clothes or skin. Features include: permanent colour, easy even application and perfect grey coverage. Contains soy protein and orchid extract to care for the hair, formula is also ammonia free. Available in: 1-0 Black, 3-0 Dark Brown, 4-65 Chocolate Brown, 6-0 Light Brown, 6-68 Hazelnut, 7-0 Dark Blonde, 8-0 Medium Blonde and 10-0 Pearl Blonde.



Woolworths, Coles, Priceline stores, independent retailers and pharmacies.

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Easy to use and great colour

I bought this product in "Dark Brown". I have just used my 2nd box (About 4-5 weeks after the first application)
I have hair that is quite long and thick (Reaches down the length of my back). I have found that I only need to use one box each time I colour my hair, this could be because naturally I have a cooler brown hair colour but I did have to colour over faded purple (On non-bleached hair) and I found that it covered perfectly.

The gloves that it comes in aren't the best, but they are still usable. This product is extremely to apply which is a must for me since my hair is so long, its easy to dispense and to distribute through the hair.
The colour starts fading after a month roughly, it doesn't fade patchy or noticeably and reapplying is super easy (30 mins on roots, 10 mins on the ends). I am so glad that I tried this product and I keep intending to purchase it again and again.


Massage and comb to comb through (use a plastic comb and avoid all metal products in your hair)



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I saw that some ladies said even with shoulder-length thin hair they needed two boxes and for me it wasn't the case.
My hair is currently down to my bellybutton and my talented assistant of a boyfriend managed to get most of it. (The parts he missed aren't noticeable at all)
Doesn't smell nearly as bad as other hair dyes I've experienced, and it left my hair feeling as silky and smooth as can be. 5/5 for my experience



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Good for short/thin hair

This foam is easy to use and gives great coverage. BUT there simply isn't enough product in the package! I have shoulder length hair and need 2 packages, which just isn't feasible for me when other brands I can get away with one package. No bad smell, though, and easy to clean up.



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I love the whole foam hair colour concept and this was actually the last DIY hair colour brand I used...I bought the Chocolate Brown...which turned my medium brown hair almost black - why does this keep happening to me???
Anyway, I found the foam very easy to was easy to know where the colour was...there was enough colour foam to do my whole head(my hair is past my shoulder blades).
The result was great for a couple of weeks and then the greys started appearing again....NOT GOOD!!!



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Go to hair dye!

This is my absolute favourite hair dye and I have been using it for years. I use the shade pearl blonde, and its the perfect colour for my hair. It lightens my roots to a lovely blonde colour without being too harsh or damaging my hair.

It's also super easy to apply as its a foam, you just pump it into your hand and massage it into your hair. Its quick, easy, delivers good results and can usually be found on sale for around $10! Woohooo

I will continue to purchase this product until I find another hair dye that beats it!

Ideal for

Light blondes!



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Really easy to apply

I liked using this colour as it is a foam and not too messy and it doesn't drip. The colour I used was Iced Chocolate, which came out really nice. I did it on my blonde hair and took really well.

Ideal for




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Easy to use, but lacks the frills

This, like other mousse products, is much much easier to self apply than regular liquid dyes. You don't have to fret so much about splattering the sink, and can easily control where the foam goes. It's coverage is quite good, certainly not noticeably worse than more expensive products, but your colour perhaps won't match the box so well. It claims to be drip-free but does "drip" - during the waiting time, if the room is hot, the foam will melt and run down your face or back, so be cautious. In addition, it does not come with anything to apply to the tips to protect them, so don't apply too much there, or anything if your previous dye hasn't faded. Finally, the gloves it comes with are worse than useless - I always throw them right out and use my own disposables.


People who are time-poor and either a bit clumsy or beginners at doing their own hair dying.



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Doesn't work!!

I tried perfect mousse 2x already and both 2x the hair dye didnt work! I blamed myself on the 1st one coz i washed my hair that morning thinking it will still work. On the 2nd time around i blamed it to the product. I didnt wash my hair for abt 2 days, and read the instructions carefully. I have black hair and i bought medium brown (i always get medium brown hair dye using different brand- always works all the time). As i was saying, use the perfect mousse, waited 30 mins and rinsed it. Guess what, i still have black hair!!! It was easy to use but too bad i wont be using it again. It just doesnt work. Not a happy customer. :-/ RESPONSE FROM SCHWARZKOPF: Hi Goldie713, Perfect Mousse is not designed to lighten any existing colour. Thanks very much for your review, we're sorry to hear this product didn't deliver the results you wanted. Perfect Mousse is not designed to lighten any existing colour. It is for this reason that we recommend people use the guides on the back of the pack as a reference
Looking at the guides for Perfect mousse medium brown it is clearly labelled on the back of the packaging that this product is not recommended for black hair. Please feel free to call our Customer Hotline on 1800 022 219 if you need further assistance.



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So easy with a great result

I have very long hair that I have coloured a lot over the years. When I used this product my hair was tragic, with several shades browns and about 8cm of regrowth that included a LOT of greys. This product was the easiest hair dye I have ever used. It had no chemical smell, in fact it has quite a pleasant scent. The foam is super easy to apply and as promised, no drips. I usually need two boxes of dye but this foam is not only generous, but distributes so easily throughout the hair that one box was plenty for me. I got the box on special at priceline for $10 so I can't complain about the value!! The foam does make your hair wet, but it feels so weightless and with no chemical smell it is barely noticeable as you wait the 30 minute developing time. It rinsed out very easily, although before conditioning my hair did feel coarse. The conditioner that is included is a bit small, so I used a Dove treatment conditioner after the dye to give my hair a boost. After blowdrying, my hair looked great! Very silky, smooth and most impressive of all, EVEN coverage. I was not expecting this as my hair was so inconsistent in colouring before. All greys gone! My hair looks healthy, glossy and very natural (even though I used black, it's not as deep unnatural black as other dyes I have used. A softer black if that makes sense). I will definitely continue to use this dye. My only small gripe is the size of the conditioner, but I generally like to use a treatment after hair dye anyway.



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I love it!!!

It is soo easy to use. I got a great coverage for my hair and the color lasts for ages. I colored my hair over 8 weeks ago and only need to color it again because I have regrowth. I have used in for touching up my regrowth and have also had fantastic results. Every time I have used this product I have gotten wonderful comments about my hair and people ask me were I got it done and I say I did it myself:) I have even done my mums hair for her with this product. I highly reccomend people to give it a try.


Don't use the gloves they give you, get a set of disposable gloves that fit your hands properly and you'll find the foam easier to apply.

Ideal for

For all over coverage or to even touch up regrowth. It's fantastic for covering up greys( if you have them).

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