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decent but better products out there

28 Shampoos.... hmmm.... not likely. I haven't used this product for a few years so they may have changed since then, but I wasn't impressed. I used a blonde colour and it was gone in a week. disappointed for a 28shampoo semi.

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Anitas Artistry


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The only one I use

I love this hair colour.
It's easy to mix up and apply.
It’s really conditioning and my hair feels really soft afterwards.
My few grey hair are gone and and my hair is left really glossy.
With the great range of colours it's easy to find at least one or 2 that I fall in love with, and they are all mostly really natural colours.
I've been DIY hair colouring for years and I go back to it time and time again.

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I used this product for a good couple of years before randomly changing to a new one. I have nothing bad to say. The colours are great, work well, doesn't smell too much. Leaves hair in great condition too.

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The only thing I would change about this is the 'semi' part. Mine only stayed for about three weeks, started fading into the second week. But I used the red one and since my hair is fairly dark I think it worked extremely well.
I loved the shine, my hair seemed to glow!

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Good semi-permanent colour for long dark hair

I use this colour often in the Plum shade. I find it a little messy at times but it always gives my thick dark brown hair a nice subtle burgundy shimmer. I find this can be difficult to rinse out for the first wash but otherwise it is a worthwhile one to try.

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Still can't find a semi permanent that works on black hair

I had high hopes for this product as I had heard so many great things about this, especially when the box promised results on black hair. Alas, as usual, I was disappointed. The formula was fairly easy to assemble and did not drip once in the hair. However, even though it left it in the slightly longer, there was barely any colour visible, it certainly did not show up in photos. I also had a headache after using this product. Having said that my hair was really shiny and felt healthy after using the conditioner provided. It is a great option for dying your hair without damaging it, unfortunately it has barely any effect on black hair

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temporary coverage

I have a lot of greys and i used the casting colour mahogany and it worked well. But i've noticed that within a few washes i could see the grey again. It leaves a nice shimmer to the hair.

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Average results

I've used a few different shades of this over the last few years, but unfortunately for me the colour just doesn't hold in my hair, lasting only a few washes at most. It's a shame as there are some really nice colours in their range.

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These are amazing!

I use this brand every time and I have never had a bad hair colour/reaction. I love that it is ammonia free! It smells alright and leaves my hair feeling nice and glossy afterwards.

I wouldn't hesitate on this one.

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I've never looked back!

I used these because they had no ammonia and my mum said that would be better when I did a first time hair dye.
The first colour was Cherry Black and boy was I happy with the turn out!
Super rich colour with a gloss of red that showed up fabulously in the sun. It last almost 2 months without looking dull or showing the regrowth.

My current colour goes between Dark Brown and Dark Golden Chestnut. Both are very very dark browns! Alot darker than I first expected. I would definitely recommend to go a shade or two lighter than you want just to make sure you get the right colour.
They are a great product for the cheap price you can get them for (alot of the time I snag them for only $10!)

It has the usual hair dye smell but you have to deal with that I suppose! Nothing too discomforting about it. It's a very thick product and one box covers my medium length hair (about half an inch below my shoulders)

Highly recommended!

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