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A range of semi-permanent hair colours for every occasion. Suitable for shimmering highlights or rich all over colour. Schwarzkopf LiveColour Live Colour (semi-permanent) is an enriching colour mask containing Pro-Vitamin B5 that conditions the hair while it colours and adds vibrant shine in one easy step. The gentle formula contains no peroxide or ammonia so will not damage the hair and will last up to 6-8 washes. Available in: Silver Toner, Champagne, Caramel, Aztec Copper, Mahogany, Red Embers, Rich Burgundy, Hazelnut, Natural Brown, Chocolate, Blueberry and Black.



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great toner

I use this product in silver toner to tone and remove all brassy yellow tones in my hair.
This is cheap and easy to use. It comes with gloves and instructions. I find for my long hair I need 2 sackets, but at this price I don't mind.
There are instructions on how long to leave on for desired result- for me 15 -30min is enough. Any longer and my hair goes purple. This is OK as it will wash out but I don't want to tone that much.
Post use my hair is vibrant shinny and fresh. There is no yellow tones left. I like this as it prolongs my colour and tone and it saves me trips to salon, money and health of my hair. Each time I use this once a month at max my blonde is prolonged.
I do find this product can be drying but a little masque stops the drying effect.
I recommend this product as a toner as it works and it is so affordable.
I do have to admit the smell is chemical and strong but this fades. I personally don't mind it to much but if your sensitive or don't like strong smells be careful.
I'd recommend if you have long hair buy two sackets put one at the roots and one through the ends.



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Good for super-temporary.

I have used the live colours in a few shades. In Red Embers, Natural Brown, and Black.
Most recently, I've used the Natural Brown and Black. I use it to fill in the mousy-brown-dark-dirty-blonde roots in between my re-dying because I can't stand my natural roots. I tried the Natural Brown and it did little to nothing, and the black darkened up my hair a fair bit at the roots :) They do wash out almost immediately for me though, and that's such a huge downside but I don't ever believe that I will find a black hair dye that suits my exact needs haha.
I used the black dye when I was younger on my natural blonde hair and it dyed it completely black, twice, and looked great. I also tried the red embers after my first dye of my red hair to deepen the bits up that were more porous from damage. It worked okay. Overall, it's a good dye, for the temporary, and I can't argue with the cheap price :)


Buy two boxes if you have thick and/or long hair! Don't risk running out, you can always return an unused box.

Ideal for

People with unnaturally lightened hair, bleached from peroxide or the sun either way, that's the best way it takes the colour.



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Amazing value

I've used this in Natural Brown to blend in a grown out permanent colour, it worked pretty well allowing me to grow out the colour, believe it or not it blended in the grey!
I've also used Aztec Copper for highlights on my brown hair, must say, it worked so well. All for under $5 which is pretty unbelievable.
I found it also conditions my hair.
The biggest drawback is applying it, the product is packed in a plastic bag, I found this made it difficult to apply without transferring it to a squeeze bottle


Leave it on a little longer for lovely highlights
Transfer it to a squeeze bottle to make application much easier

Ideal for

Blending, between permanent colours.
For a cheap and cheerful change



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I recently purchased the Blueberry. As I have dark hair, I was aware that the colour would not be vibrant. It was a complete mess trying to wash out, took about ten minutes. The next day I took a shower and my hair started to run, I was not aware and towel dried my hair. It stained my towel and clothing.


Did not work for me, but probably works best for light hair.

Ideal for

Light hair.



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Live Color, 'Silver Toner" =No more brassy blonde hair!

I love the Live toners, theyre cheap and the perfect fix up when youve just coloured your hair blonde, or its gone brassy, the Silver Toner is just brilliant. It takes all the gold out and gives you a perfect colour. It doesnt smell bad like some colours do


If you have long hair youre better off buying 2 packs and if youre grey, then leave it on for the full 45 mins.

Ideal for

Blondes who colour their hair, and dont want brassy tones.



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Silver toner - best for blondes.

I have blonde hair and cannot stand yellow or brassy tones. The silver toner from this range is a life saver. I used to go to the salon between haircuts/colours to get a toner and now i dont need to. You will not find a better toner and especially at this price. I find it is slightly drying, but nothing a good mask can't fix. This little beauty has saved me a lot of money and a lot of yellow hair. This product leaves my hair the perfect ashy blonde and cleans up my low lights as well.



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Satisfied with the outcome on my dark hair

I have dark brown hair and was sceptical to whether the temporary dye would work on my natural colour, but after having an ALMOST smooth application and leaving it for the maximum time, I was impressed that it DID put a nice amount of colour onto my hair. I wouldn't say that it was exactly blueberry, as the packet says, but maybe more of a warm purple colour. After being quite satisfied with the outcome I am very tempted to try this product again, in a different colour, and see the results.



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This is my cheap go-to colour when I need my greys covered for another week or is my reliable get-me-through product.
It's easy to use...the colour doesn't last long but then it is a semi...that's why I use it as a bridging DIY colour. Great for if the finances are low and you need the colour.



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dull and patchy

I used the rich burgundy on my natural strawberry blonde hair and found it left patchy dull results.
it did however form a great base on my hair for dying over with a stronger and brighter dye. leaving amazing results.
messy application and the gloves are so cheap and terrible


mix a little colour in with your regular conditioner for a colour top up each time you wash your hair

Ideal for

toning not colouring



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Doesn't show up on dark hair

I picked up red embers which is supposed to the most effective on dark hair, but it didn't show up at all even though I left it on for 45 minutes. On the other hand I love how it doesn't damage your hair. It actually left my hair very soft and shiny. Having said that it is completely ineffective as a hair dye. Good thing it was so inexpensive

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