Dove Hair Therapy - Nutritive Therapy Nourishing Oil Care Daily Treatment Conditioner

Dove Hair Therapy

Nutritive Therapy Nourishing Oil Care Daily Treatment Conditioner

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Dove Nutritive Therapy Nourishing Oil Care Daily Treatment Conditioner is a conditioner and treatment that leaves hair smooth, nourished, and shiny after just one minute. The two-in-one formula combines the weightless Dove Nutri-Oil Serum with a luxurious conditioner to give dry hair deep nourishment throughout the cooler months. The hair treatment features two stripes – a gold stripe, which contains a blend of natural coconut, almond, and sunflower oils to deeply nourish hair and replenish essential nutrients, and a white stripe, which conditions hair and seals cuticles to lock in nourishment and smooth frizz.
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Amazing softness and shine

I bought this after reading about it on Paula Begoun's now defunct blog. I love the clean, fresh, soapy smell of Dove products and this conditioner made my extremely dry, bleached hair incredibly soft and shiny. I personally think the two-in-one conditioner is just a gimmick, and mix the two into one conditioner before applying, then leave on for 5 or so minutes while I shower. I'm not sure if it's discontinued, as I bought 5 on sale at Coles because they were no longer stocking the product. I hope it's not, as it's a great, inexpensive product. The only thing I dislike about it is that Dove tests on animals.


Leave on for longer for better results

Ideal for

Dry, coarse hair



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Can't find it anymore.

I love this product, its perfect in every way, Makes really had to manage, dry hair, really smooth and frizz free. The only problem now, I have looked everywhere and can't find it anymore. I've searched all over, I got my mum onto it too, she loved it and she has really hard to manage hair, we both can't find it anywhere anymore, not in supermarkets, not in chemists. Where is it?



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This product is amazing

I have used this treatment conditioner now for about 4 months and for me it perfect. I suffered from frizzy hair but since using this my hair is so soft and shiny. I have to admit I was skeptical at first as to me dove didn't make quality hair care products but boy did I change my mind after using this!! I use it every time I wash my hair, which is every second day, mainly concentrating on the lengths of my hair. It does not weigh it down at all. Thank you Dove for creating such an amazingly cheap product that actually does what it says it will!!

Ideal for

Any hair type



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Best In Beauty 2012

I'm re-reviewing this for Best in Beauty 2012. After using this product for some time, I feel that I was initially a bit harsh on it. It has proven to be a great product. Use of this two to three times a week has proven beneficial for my hair. There is still some product buildup from everyday use but it helps if I mix things up a bit by using another Dove conditioner every other day.

As part of the trial team for this product, I was very happy to get this! My hair is generally a bit dry and tends to "poof" out when the weather is humid, displaying my lovely split ends of course. So I was in dire need of a new conditioner. I have tried this product out for at least a week, if not more. Here is my take on it:

Pros: Lovely signature Dove smell! I was happy with this. The product itself dispensed easily and the "oil" and "conditioner" parts really came together a la the old Aquafresh toothpaste, like a dual coloured ribbon. It left my hair decently smooth. The effect seemed to be the same with every use so there was no buildup that I could see initially.

Cons: Interestingly Dove chose to use sort of a foil packaging for this product. Not such a good move. It was wrinkled and looked like I could pull it off. The product itself, while making my hair smooth, did not really help tame any split ends and I still look rather unkempt, even when the weather is not humid.

All in all, pretty good but not fantastic. One suggestion: next time it might be a good idea to enclose the matching shampoo (if one exists) because one confounding factor could be shampoo! Everyone on this team will be using a different shampoo with this conditioner and that might skew results of this trial.



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Best in Beauty 2012

This Dove Nutritive Therapy Nourishing Oil Care Daily Treatment Conditioner is a great product for those who want to give their hair a little TLC. It comes in a large plastic tube with a flip cap which is easy to open/close and use when in the shower. The product squeezes out easily in a cute star-like shape.

It’s a nourishing cream that contains two stripes/colours – a yellow cream and a white cream containing different ingredients formulated to repair dry/damaged hair and reduce frizz. There is also quite a strong coconut-like scent, which reminds me very much of their Nutritive Nourishing Oil Care Treatment. Initially I wasn’t particularly fond with this scent but after using a whole tube, the smell grew on me and I quite like it now.

This unique daily treatment is designed to be used in replacement of your usual conditioner (or in addition to, which is how I have been using it). After shampooing/conditioning and squeezing out the excess water, I slather on a generous amount from below the ears down ensuring the product is evenly distributed, particularly at the ends. You should leave it in for at least a minute for the product to absorb (I recommend 5mins) before rinsing it out thoroughly.

The product washes out pretty easily and I can immediately feel a difference in my hair, which feels instantly softened, detangled and nourished. Once dried, I do notice that my hair feels softer but I am not sure that it has helped reduce my flyaways/frizz. Overall it’s a pretty good product and I would recommend this to anyone who wants healthier and softer hair.


All hair types, especially dry/damaged or frizzy hair

Ideal for


- Squeeze out excess water
- Apply from the ear down, avoiding the roots
- For an intense treatment, put a shower cap on



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Best in Beauty 2012

I have never really put much credence into the Dove brand for haircare. I have used their products before and found them less than pleasing....until I used this conditioner. This blows many of the more expensive brands of conditioner out of the water.
The packaging is a squeezy tube which sits flat on its lid, this way it's easy to keep in the shower and it also allows all the conditioner inside to let gravity take hold and move it all to the bottom so there's less chance of wastage. It has a flip-top lid.
The conditioner is two-tone; a creamy white and a honeycomb colour and when this is squeezed onto my palm, it dispenses through a tube that creates a star-like pattern, almost like icing that's been piped through a pipette. So pretty. Then as I rub my palms together so I can spread it through my hair, I can feel the creaminess in the product. It applies easily through my hair from root to tips and immediately creates silky smooth hair to touch. I comb the conditioner through my hair and leave it for 3-5 mins before rinsing. As I rinse thoroughly my hair feels like silk and my fingers run freely throughout my strands, not a knot in sight. This conditioner is truly like a deep conditioning mask treatment but 1/4 of the price, which I love. I think it smells better than other Dove products, more fresh and subtle, not like chemicals. This has fast become my favourite hair conditioner, even as my hair dries it still feels soft to touch and this quality stays with my hair for days. My hair has never felt better. It also makes my hair shine.



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Perfect for a once a week treatment

My daughter are blessed with the most glorius thick waist length hair.
The downside is that they insist that they wash it everyday.
Our family spent a absolute fortune on shampoo and conditioner each week.
Dove make the most nourishing conditioner for the girls hair type.
For me Doves fragrance has no rival the scent is pure and fresh.
Their is soft and silky after using this conditioner,their hair shines and looks healthy
Thanks Dove for making affordable quality conditioner


Use as a once a week treat apply to hair and rinse 20 minutes later
Perfect hair



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The tube is easy to use and control the amount of product you squeeze out each time. The conditioner is squeezed out in a cute star shape pattern with gold & white stripes.
I used a little less of this then I normally use with my normal conditioner, and I wash my hip length hair once a week. The tube will last approx 7-8 washes for me which is on par with my normal conditioner of a larger size. However those with shorter hair will get many more uses from the tube then I do (I have to use about 2 Tbsps of conditioner to actually get through all of my hair)


My hair was left feeling very soft and silky, however I did still experience the same amount of 'after wash frizziness' that I normally get. The smell is not overpowering or unpleasant, in fact my hubby did ask what the new perfume was that I was wearing when he gave me a cuddle... needless to say I was not actually wearing any perfume or moisturiser at that point in time, so it was easy to work out my hair smelt nice to him.
At the end of the week my hair was still soft and feeling clean without excessive oiliness in the roots, and there was also no dandruff from dryness of the scalp which is great.

Ideal for

I don't use styling products in my hair very often, and allow my hair to dry naturally and this has been a great conditioner to trial with excellent results that are noticeable even after the first use.
It really did leave my hair, soft silky, shiny and nourished... but I still got frizzies :D Well worth giving a try to find out if it works for you as it is at a great price with good value.



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Best in Beauty

I like many women usually use a shampoo, conditioner and a treatment, but with this I can do away with the treatment because it’s included in this great 2 for 1 conditioning product.
This is another great release from Dove coming in a squeeze tube with a flip lid making it easy to use with wet hands and easy to store in the shower caddy. The packing has a beautiful gold label making the product feel luxurious. This luxe feeling continues when you see the product. The conditioner is half gold, half white and is dispersed in the shape of a star which is a nice touch. It smells like the serum in the same line which is a subtle coconut oil fragrance.
I have fairly long hair and found that I only needed a fraction of the amount of my regular conditioner to fully cover my hair. I used this in the same manner as a regular conditioner allowing it a few minutes to work before rinsing it out.
The end result was soft manageable hair with much less frizz than usual. My hair is easy to manage and I found that my hair was less oily the next day and would last longer between washes. This is a great daily use conditioner and though it may be a little more pricy than other Dove products this is easily justifiable with the quality.



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Best in Beauty 2012

It was necessary to resubmit my review on this fabulous hair product. Probably my fave hair treatment!Dove's Oil. Care Conditioner is a dual action product. It has been formulated to not only deliver what is needed from a conditioner, but also provides the benefits of a treatment, so you can expect your hair to be nourished in the short time it takes to use a conditioner.
This dual action conditioner is visible when extracted from the 180ml tube, with flip-top lid. The conditioner is made up of a gold and white stripe. The gold contains a unique blend of coconut, almond and sunflower oils designed to nourish the hair, replenishing essential nutrients. The white stripe is formulated to seal cuticles to combat frizz.
The thick conditioner has a soft, pleasant fragrance. Only a small amount is needed to cover strands. I appreciate a thick formula for my dry, damaged hair.
This treatment conditioner only needs 3 minutes for satisfying results. I found it easy to wash out, and before my hair was even dry, I could feel just how soft and moisturised my hair is.
Once dry, I was impressed with my softer, shinier hair. I noticed that my hair seemed to have more volume, and not at all weighed down.
Not only did I use this product as a regular conditioner, I have also left it in overnight. It was still easy to wash out, no oily residue remained and it provided optimal results. Using it as a treatment helped combat frizz, leaving my hair smoother with less tangles.
I really wasn't expecting Dove's Nourishing Oil Care Conditioner to provide so many benefits, leaving my blonde hair bright and shiny. It truly is worth trying, especially for those with dry, damaged hair and in need of moisturising TLC. I will certainly be repurchasing this fabulous conditioner.

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