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Charlie B


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Really impressed

I have been really impressed by this conditioner. It is really affordable and smells lovely. It is easy to apply.

Before using this product, I had been using products targeted for dry and damaged hair. I was initially worried that this product wouldn't be hydrating enough - but I was wrong! This is actually really great for my fine hair. It adds enough hydration to leave my hair feeling soft, healthy and tangle free. But it doesn't weigh my hair down like some other 'heavier' conditioners.

I will continue to use this conditioner as I have been really thrilled with the results.

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Read the fine print!

What they claim: Pantene has perfected the science of hair conditioning, with new Aqua Light. Unlike conventional, creamy conditioners, the new formula delivers just the right amount of hair nourishment without weighing it down and leaving it looking heavy. Aqua Light conditioner’s breakthrough Clean Rinse technology is highly water soluble and rinses off fast, leaving hair with no residue and no weight. Notice the difference in your hair after just one use. Nourishes hair without leaving heavy residue. Hair is beautifully conditioned, healthy and lifted. Features Clean Rinse technology to rinse hair fast, leaving it feeling fresh, clean and lightweight.

Immediate thoughts on viewing the product: I was really excited about the shampoo and conditioner as they were released with the bold advertising of "no added silicone*, dye and parabens". Note the little "*" I've included, which led to the fine print which read "shampoo only". Oh that fine print! I do not purport myself to be a greenie however I do what I can, and I get excited when I see large corporations making changes, such as popular brands. That fine print hurts my heart.

My take on application: It is a very lightweight conditioner. The shampoo is a great preparatory product, and the conditioner doesn't quite meet the same expectations one would have after using the shampoo of the same line. It's almost too lightweight, adding very little moisture (you almost want to double up if that would ever work).

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Awesome conditioner

I received this as a sample and ended up buying the full size as it was really good. I have really dry ends, yet my hair is quite fine so its hard to find the balance of a conditioner that will leave my hair feeling silky soft yet not weighed down and this one was great.

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A Good Conditioner

I received a sample of this, along with the shampoo, and have only used them both once. I do like it, however as I have very thick hair I just felt it didn't do enough for me and had to use quite a bit of the conditioner as compared to the amount I would use with my regular products. My hair did feel lighter as the day went on, but by the next day it wasn't. I generally only wash my hair a couple of times a week as it's soo thick and takes forever to dry, so I don't think this is the right product for me. It's not bad, but just not up my alley.

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Good for a supermarket brand

I received these as part of my beauty box subscriptions. Initially I was disappointed because so many people have told me to stay away from Pantene. However, I gave it a shot, and I'm quite pleased with them.

I used the shampoo as well as the conditioner, and it have to say my hair was lovely and light after the first use. It dried beautifully, and my blow wave seemed to sit better for the rest of the day.
Both products are pleasantly scented, and even though I'm sure I applied more product than I needed to, my hair wasn't limp or greasy looking. The conditioner washed out easily, and my hair didn't feel as 'dry' as it normally does until I put finishing product on.

But, I did only receive a 40 ml sample, which lasted about a week. I would be interested to see the results after a month and if my hair improved/deteriorated much more. Initial results are good though.

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Great Conditioner.

This conditioner was a great smell to it and it gives a good shine and conditions my hair very well. I will re-purchase this product again.

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I was glad to have the opportunity to sample this shampoo/conditioner combo. I haven't always liked Pantene, but they're working on improving their products and I commend them for that.

Conditioners are a bit unexciting for me because they really just put the finishing touches on what the shampoo sets into motion. So as conditioners go, it's pretty standard - just adds a bit of softness, manageability and helps me get a comb through my hair.

All in all, not a bad product at all, but it won't buy Pantene until they improve their bottles. I don't want those clunky, awkward, bulky bottles junking up my bathroom. Packaging is important and when Pantene comes to their senses and improves their packaging, I might actually use this particular shampoo/conditioner.

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Works wonders on my hair

I've always had trouble finding the right shampoo/conditioner for my hair which is very coarse and dry and frizzy but this product works so well for me. Love the smell and it leaves my hair so soft and shiny and smooth. Very light and gentle formula, will definitely repurchase.

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I recieved a box sample of the Shampoo and conditioner and was happy with the results, this conditioner left my hair smooth and shiney and there was not a build up on my scalp after afew washes. It has a plesant smell which lasts after rinced out. I was happy with the results and would use with the shampoo. I have normal to dry hair and i loved the results i got from this product.

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Perfect for fine locks

My hair is naturally quite fine & though I feel my hair needs moisturise (ie I colour it), using many formulations can leave my locks lank & not in optimal condition.

I received this in a generous trial size pack from Pantene & will definitely buy the full size. This is perfect for fine hair - it is a luscious, lightweight formula that nourishes well and leaving my hair soft, shiny, moisturised & looking really great.

Used with the matching shampoo, I've found my hair looked & felt at its best, with lots of bounce & body. Highly recommended for anyone with fine hair

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