Sunsilk - Sunsilk Haircare Co-creations Damage Hair Reconstruction by Tom Taw


Sunsilk Haircare Co-creations Damage Hair Reconstruction by Tom Taw

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SunSilk Co-creations Damage Hair Reconstruction by Tom Taw reinforces hair structure and introduces extreme smoothness as the formula penetrates deep to fill damaged cracks in locks. Enriched with nutri-oil complex the formula gently cleanses, all hair types including those that are damaged. The formula also works to reconstruct the hairs surface filling damaged cracks by layer and strand to ensure no locks are missed. The entire range of products includes haircare products and styling products. All products work in conjunction with one another to repair damaged hair and protect against future heat damage.

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I found this shampoo & conditioner to leave my hair quite dry and feel like it was stripped of all goodness. It was so bad I didn't even finish the bottles.



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Great budget conditioner for dry hair

NOTE: This review is only for the conditioner.

I have really dry and knotty hair, and I usually use very rich conditioners to help manage the knots. Sunsilk Damaged Hair Reconstruction Conditioner doesn't feel as heavy as my usual conditioners, which is why I've been surprised by how good it performs compared to my usual favourites.

With some types of conditioners, I find it essential to follow up my hair washing routine with a leave-in conditioner so that I can get all the knots out of my hair. With this Sunsilk conditioner, I don't find it essential to use a leave-in product. I've found this conditioner to be very economical as it has lasted me a long time.



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Good Shampoo + Nourishing

I love the packaging of this shampoo - i love bright colours. The shampoo itself is a light white consistency and foams well in the hair. It needs a few good pumps to get all of my hair (Past shoulder length) all cleaned up but is a great value for money.

After using it for a few washes, I could see a noticeable difference in the smoothness of my hair. In additiong, my hair was less oily and stayed smoother for longer without an oil buildup. I can now wash my hair after 3 nights and still not feel oily.

It's a great shampoo and does have subtle results. It's also very gentle - my hair doesn't feel stripped at all.

*note - I used this will Wella's Pro series conditioner for moisture.



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Good value for money

The shampoo and conditioner are quite good, not amazing, but have seemed to do what they promise. My hair is shinier and easier to manage, and also I seem to develop less split ends. However, my hair does seem to get oiler more quickly, so I have to wash my hair every day rather than every two. Best plus side is it lasts forever! I bought the 750mL bottles probably 4 months ago, and the shampoo is still going!



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Great shampoo

I wasn't expecting miracles, and didn't get any so i think this is just a great normal shampoo. My hair feels clean afterwards, without being stripped.
I only apply shampoo to my roots, where there isn't any damage, so i didn't notice how repairing it is, but i did notice i had less flyaways, which was great.
The shampoo smelt nice, not too strong, and the bottle is easy to use. You only need a small amount, and it lathers well.
I'll be moving on to another shampoo after this, just so my hair doesn't get used to it, but i'll repurchase after that.

Lipstick Love


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Be prepared for major build up

I don't like this product at all. It doesn't really fo anything that it promises for my dry damaged hair and it leaves so much build up on the scalp. Sunsilk has disapointed me this time around.

Victoria 250


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Good value that competes wiith more expensive products

I have have used both this shampoo and conditioner & found them to be excellent. They give me clean hair which does not tangle as easily. My hair feels and looks softer and smoother. It is a great value alternative to some of the expensive brands I had been buying from my hair salon!

Ideal for

Ideal for fine hair that doesn't want to be weighed down!



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Nourishing For Damaged Hair

Sunsilk Co-creations Damage Hair Reconstruction by Tom Taw comes in an orange sqeeze container with a click-up swing lid.
The shampoo is suitable for all hair types.
I am lazy going to the hairdresser and colour my own hair often so I like a nourishing shampoo. Hair Reconstruction printed on the container had the shampoo sold.
The creamy white shampoo has a soft subtle fragrance.
I like to wash my hair twice because of different styling products I use in my hair.
I do not have to use much shampoo at all for a creamy lather to be produced.
The lather is rich and smooth after massaging and gives hair a good clean.
The shampoo does not dry out hair having beneficial ingredients. My hair feels soft and well nourished after washing my hair.
I love the shine in my hair when it drys, gives my dark brown hair a brilliance. A good conditioner is also essential.
The formula of the shampoo works well for my hair giving me pleasing results.
Sunsilk Co-creations Damage Hair Reconstruction By Tom Taw can be purchased in Safeway and is Made in Australia.



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I start using this shampoo & conditioner when I start finding my hair is dry and I find plenty of split ends. I don't think the formula is nourishing enough. My hair is still pretty dry after using this product. I might have to try a leave-in conditioner soon.



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Afforable, but very dissapointing.

This is quite a heavy conditioner and it made my hair very prone to tangles and knots! However the smell was nice and not that overpowering as some conditioners tend to be!
This felt my hair far to oily, eugh!

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