Palmolive - Fashion Girl Shampoo & Conditioner Rose Kisses


Fashion Girl Shampoo & Conditioner Rose Kisses

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Palmolive Fashion Girl Rose Kisses contains natural rose petal extracts and features a creamy formula to clean and nourish your hair. The detangling properties will leave your hair feeling soft and manageable, while the delicate fragrance will leave a light scent.


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Supermarkets and selected pharmacies


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I used to love this product when I was little but I recently bought this and now I'm not so sure. Yes it smelled nice but it made no difference to my hair and in fact made it rather dry and unmanageable. It does save time with it being two in one but I think this should stay with the girls under 10.



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Oh so handy!

This product is above all else just oh so handy. We keep it in our swimming bag so whenever we go to the pool, beach or river I can wash the girls hair at the showers before we leave & no need for extra showers when we get home. Being pink & marketed at young girls they are happy to have their hair washed with this one & it's two in one so only one bottle to carry in our bag.


Children, esp after swimming.

Ideal for

Definitely makes life as a Mum of little ones easier :)



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Smell is too strong!

I use this on my 5 year old girl who has really long locks. I didn't see that it helped with detangling her knots,but it did clean her hair well and smelt 'rosy'. The smell was quite overpowering and the formula was irritating on the nose and the eyes.



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My childhood shampoo

I had used this product since I was a kid and I still buy and use this every now and then. I love the smell of it but I'm not 100% if it worked for my hair...



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Great Shampoo

I bought this shampoo and conditioner for my four yr old daughter. It washes her hair really well and leaves her hair hair smelling lovely. The other day I ran out of my shampoo and had to use this one. I was pleasantly surprised at how healthy and shiny my hair looked after using this! I will be buying again.


Children 10 and under.



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Travel Buddy

I like to use this shampoo and conditioner in one product when I am traveling. It saves space in my luggage and it is a good product. I don't use this everyday but it does leave my hair soft and smooth and easy to handle.



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Fashion Girl Two-in-One Shampoo and Conditioner

Love the rose smell. If i used this all the time, i think my hair would get really dry.



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This shampoo did nothing but tangle my hair up. The scent was lovely though, but only lasts around 2 days. It did not clean my hair thoughroly and caused more dandruff. Better off for young kids.



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The aroma is defiantly pleasant and I'm sure you'll get compliments on how lovely you smell! However I wasn't satisfied with the outcome. Yeah sure it smelled luscious but really I find my hair was still  the same and it didn't improve anything at all except the scent! My only pro is the 2 in 1 will save extra time in the shower and even though it didn't make any improvements in the condition of my hair it also didn't cause any problems too eg. There was no itching/extra dandruff etc. With the girlie packaging and the pink liquid that is squeezed out it surely is a win for younger girls who aren't concerned about their hair yet! 



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Did nothing for my hair.

As I find with a lot of shampoo-conditioner combinations, it does absolutely nothing for my hair except for untangling it. Because it is a mix of shampoo and conditioner, I'm scared that it's either not cleaning my hair properly or nourishing it properly. I find it's good for girls under 10 though, because they enjoy the flowerly smell and pink, girly packaging.

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