How-to: make a foot exfoliant

18 Aug 2011 13:54 PM | Posted by Editor
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Think all exfoliators are the same? Think again. The exfoliating beads in your regular facial scrub vary dramatically to those used in foot exfoliation products. That’s because the skin on your feet is tougher and thicker than the skin on your face. A good foot care scrub uses natural exfoliating ingredients like sugar and sea salt crystals to slough away the hard, dry skin that builds up on your feet. If you’ve got one of the two in your kitchen cupboard, you can make your very own foot exfoliant – it’s really simple!

Foot care exfoliant
What you’ll need:
One cup of raw sugar or sea salt crystals
Half a cup of almond or olive oil
A medium bowl
A wooden spoon
A large deep tub, wide enough for your feet

1.    Pour salt/sugar and oil into bowl.
2.    Mix vigorously for 30 seconds. Mixture should turn into a thick, smooth paste.
3.    Half fill your tub with warm water and soak feet for five minutes to soften.
4.    Now you’re ready to scrub! Working on one foot at a time, lather generously with scrub and work in repetitive circular motions, concentrating on any extra hard or dry areas.
5.    Rinse feet off in the shower and moisturise.

There you have it! Perfectly soft, callus-free feet. The great thing about this exfoliating foot care treatment is that it’s easy to make and not at all time-consuming to use. Be virtuous and maintain this simple foot care routine weekly for super soft feet.

Or try Nutrimetics Soul Renewal Corsica Foaming Foot Scrub or Manicare Callus Exfoliator.