Adina l's product review of Softsole by 1000 Hour Softsole

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  • Dec 5, 2011 12:28pm


The best thing about this product is it really does exactly what it says. I soaked my feet in the provied socks for two hours and two days later the dead skin covering my feet literally fell off! The skin underneath was soft and beautiful!!
There was no stinging or discomfort, and the dead skin came off easily without causing any damage to the fresh baby soft skin underneath!
I don't think this product is a replacement for your regular foot maintenance regime (whether it be pedicures or at home filing and moisturising) but it's great for when you need to restore your feet to a more manageable condition or if it's been a long time between pedi's!


Make sure you moisturise and look after your feet after the dead skin has finished peeling!

Ideal for

Anyone with dry cracked feet that's sick of endlessly filing!

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