1000 Hour Softsole - Softsole Exfoliating Foot Peel

1000 Hour Softsole

Softsole Exfoliating Foot Peel

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1000 Hour Softsole Exfoliating Foot Peel is a safe and effective at-home treatment that exfoliates feet to soften calluses and cracked heels while removing hardened skin from the feet.


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Tammie 345


Rating: StarStarStarStarStar

Amazing! Really works!

Due to constantly having thick/hard skin on my feet (as I'm on my feet all day at work) I decided it was time to do some drastic treatment! I have tried most other things - ped egg/foot files and scrub/ pumice stone, but none of them seem effective in the long term. I saw an advert for milky foot so went searching in my local pharmacy. They didn't have that, but had softsole on sale for $22 so I couldn't resist! After doing all my house work that night, I took a shower and then applied the foot bags. I didn't need to use to the tape as my feet are a size 9 and fitted perfectly. I put the socks on top to secure the bags and sat down for the recommended time of 2 hours. I then washed the product off with warm water. On day 3 I could see the peeling starting to happen. Today (day 4) I took my socks off after a long day at work. I couldn't believe my eyes! So much skin was peeling! I excitedly ran to the bathroom and started to peel it all off. Such a satisfying feeling! All up I got about a handful of skin off both feet (heel to toe). I am going to soak them tonight and can't wait to peel more off tomorrow! So far I am really happy with soft sole and will highly recommend it to all my friends!


Follow the instructions

Ideal for

People who are on there feet all day at work and can't afford professional treatment. Hard/thick skin on feet



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Feet life saver

This product is a life saviour! I now use this product every three months or so especially after winter and during summer to help my feet regain their beauty again.
The softsole is super easy to use- its just like a simple pair of soaks- place your feet into the soaks and let the serum soak in for at least an hour! Its best to leave for more than an hour if you can - I leave it on for 2 hours and just relax.
It can feel a little bit cold and wet but after a while it starts to soak gently in.
Post use its easy to get on with your day or night and you wont even know you have this serum/ gel on.
Around 2-3 days later you will notice your skin on your feet start peeling- for me it usually starts around my toes and works its way up to my soles. Its great because it peels and removes all that nasty dry skin on my feet and especially my heels.
Post the peeling im left with super soft smooth skin and the moisturiser provided is excellent and leaves your feet smooth and soft!
Totally recommend this product! Love it and it helps prevent my feet from being harsh dry and building up calluses!



Rating: StarStarStarStarStar-disabled

It works

It is a good product. It peeled my soles and the upper part of my feet. I still have a little bit of hard skin on my heels but I'm happy with the overall result.


I think it is ideal for the times when you neglect for feet for a long time and need an effective product to kick start the pampering again.



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Makes feet soft again

I really love this product, I tend to use it every three months. I am on my feet all day and they get very dry and sometimes smelly.
I usually pop on a movie and put my feet into the little foot bags that come with the product and soak my feet for a good hour.


Any one with excess dry skin :) Its easy to use and isn't painful at all -ideal for people who are very ticklish and can't exfoliate their feet.



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Unbelievable Results

I have very dry feet....and it all peeled off!
My feet have never been so soft.


Upkeep your feet once you have used the product so your feet stay nice

Ideal for

Dry heels



Rating: StarStarStarStarStar

It Actually Works!!!

I was quite sceptical about this product when I bought it, but my heels were very cracked and sore so I thought It was worth a try. The process is really easy just make sure you don't have nail polish on your toe nails, sock your feet in water for a 10mins, put the booties on then socks and leave for 2 hours. A few days later all of the dead skin comes off, so best to do it in the winter or when you plan to cover feet for a week. My feel look amazing, there is still a tiny amount of dead skin on my heals but I'm going to leave that otherwise it might hurt to remove and walk on.

Ideal for




Rating: StarStarStarStarStar-disabled

Best foot forward

After seeing this on Beautyheaven I had to have a go! The box comes with instructions, two plastic socks filled with the skin dissolving liquid, tape, socks to wear over the plastic socks, spot test and post treament moisturiser. I carefully cut the tops off the plastic socks and taped them tightly to my feet before placing the provided socks over the top to keep everything in place and started to read a book. I found that even before I opened the plastic socks they had somehow leaked a little although they seemed completely sealed. It can be a bit messy and you don't want to move around in them so have a damp facewasher handy to wipe your hands with. My hands only came in contact with the liquid because this leaking and the peeling on my hands wasn't nice, it has also caused my fingernails to peel while my toenails are fine. After a few days my skin was starting to peel on my feet (although nothing like pictured on the box). It said to gently remove the skin with a facewasher, not files etc but I had a lot of skin to get rid of so I gently used a foot file in each shower. I could never get all of the peeling skin off with the file and had to rub at it with my hands to get most of the softer peeling skin off. I was left with a funny line around the base of my foot where the skin hadn't come off the top but this wasn't noticeable after a week. The peeling process went on for some time and the majority of cracks on my heels have dissapeared. I still feel like I need to repeat the treatment as my skin is still quite thick and not yet soft. I'm not sure if I will use it again as it is probably a lot cheaper and easier to just keep soaking my feet, filing and applying a cracked heel balm or similar for better results.


Rinse off your hands immediately

Ideal for

dry cracked heels



Rating: StarStarStarStar-disabledStar-disabled

Works to peel skin, but not as great as I expected..

I was so excited to use this and I had to plan my night around it seeing as you can't move for 2 hours!

While using it there was no discomfort or irritation at all.

It took my feet 4 days to start peeling and encouraged it along by soaking my feet for 15 minutes every night.

It definitely removed lots of hardened skin, but I wouldn't say my feet are silky smooth either.

The package promises 3 months of results, I am in my 2nd week after finishing peeling and can already see the results fading.

Given the time and effort needed to get these results I will just stick to my normal routine that gives me the same results and takes much less of my time.


Put your feet up on something and make sure you put an old towel underneath, it will leak.



Rating: StarStarStarStarStar

It Works!!

I was so surprised to find that this products actually does what it says. The only hard thing about it is sitting still for 2 hours with the socks on, I didn't quite manage it but it still worked. After about two days my feet started peeling which was not at all uncomfortable. I did manage to soak my feet a couple of times but not everyday like they suggested. My feet are nor nice and soft. Overall a Great products will definitely use again when the need arises.



Rating: StarStarStarStarStar

buy it, buy it now, you wont regret it

firstly i was under the impression this would also peel the skin off the top of my feet which is what i wanted but it didn't and that's not the products fault, it only claims to peel the skin under your feet so keep that in mind

that aside i loved this, it was so easy to use but beware it does leak, i got a bit of it on my leather couch and theres a little rough flaky patch there now =(

my skin started to peel after 4 days and even though it says not to forcefully remove it, i couldnt resist the temptation because the large pieces of skin hanging were annoying. it didnt hurt at all you can't feel a thing, it started at my toes and by day 7 it had stopped peeling at my heels.

becuase i was waiting for the top of my feet to peel, i'd waited another 5 days before putting on the after peel moisturiser and the tops mf my feet were dry and flaky. as soon as i put the moisturiser on, it stopped and there is enough to last at least a week.

highly reccomend this for softer soles, just remember to put the moisturiser on as soon as your soles have finish peeling

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