Our feet often find themselves hiding in tights, boots, socks and flats during the colder months, but that’s no excuse to forget your tootsies even exist, beauties.

Yes, it’s easy to leave that chipped nail polish on for weeks and weeks, and yes, moisturising them on a daily basis sometimes seem like an epic, unachievable task, but giving your feet a little TLC when it’s chilly outside is definitely worth your while. Seriously.

Here are five reasons looking after your feet is a must in the cooler months...

Reason #1: You’ll feel pretty and attractive. When you take off your winter footwear and find supple feet and beautifully-polished toenails staring back at you, it’s bound to bring a smile to your face and brighten your day.

Reason #2: Your tootsies will most likely spend a fair chunk of time in front of the heater or fire during the winter, and this means dry, dehydrated skin. Apply a moisturiser like one of these once or twice a day and you’ll find your feet are not only toasty-warm, but soft too.

Reason #3: You have the chance to try out nail hues you normally wouldn’t. Yep, your toenails aren’t on show in strappy heels all day and every day, so experimenting with different colours and nail art is completely risk-free.

Reason #4: You can focus on nipping any feet-related issues in bud, so that come spring they’re a thing of the past. We’re talking ingrown nails, cracked heels and scaly skin. Attack them now, and you’ll be seriously foot proud when the warmer weather hits.

Reason #5: It’s an excuse to indulge yourself. Are you always treating your fingernails to professional manicures? Why not switch it up and get a pedicure instead. Not only will your feet look and smell glorious after an exfoliation, massage and polish, but you’ll find yourself in a relaxed state, too. Win-win!

Do you neglect your feet in winter? Are you going to make an effort to care for them from now on?