Your footsies may find themselves hibernating in tights and boots all winter, but that doesn’t mean they’re not going to suffer from the drying effects of the cold air. In fact, considering they’re often forgotten when it comes to moisturising our entire body, I’m certain your feet are in need of a little extra TLC.

We’ve gathered five much-loved feet creams; ones that’ll rejuvenate tired, sore, swollen feet and banish dry, cracked heels in no time. So pick one, or pick all five, and expect super-happy footsies in return.




Fantastic foot cream #1:
The Aromatherapy Company Feet Range Moisturising Foot Balm.
Why it’s grand:
Rich in brilliant botanical extracts like manuka and kiwi, which will kick dry, cracked heels to the curb, this nourishing balm also contains peppermint oil, making for one refreshing experience.

Fantastic foot cream #2: Bio Sculpture Heel Balm.
Why it’s grand:
This product is king when it comes to softening super-hard calluses and cracked heels. Hint: pop on some socks after you’ve applied it to maintain ultra-high levels of hydration.

Fantastic foot cream #3: ShoeMistress Massage Foot Cream.
Why it’s grand:
Using lavender and bergamot to treat tired muscles, this massage cream also contains coconut oil, which means it’s super-moisturising.

Fantastic foot cream #4: Nutri-Synergy NS-8 Heel Balm Complex.
Why it’s grand:
This little wonder absorbs really quickly, which means its naturally active formula – consisting of vitamin C, aloe vera and menthol just to name a few – can get to work on your rough heels, quick smart.

Fantastic foot cream #5: Eco Tools Heel Cream.
Why it’s grand:
The natural butters in this delightful cream will not only amp up your moisturise levels from the get-go, but help to repair the skin, too.

Cherie Herrmann







How often do you moisturise your feet? Are they in the need of a little extra TLC right now?