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Simply Divine

I know I have reviewed this previously but just wanted to update everybody now that I have finished off the tube.
I am sad to see my L'Occitane Foot Cream gone to be honest. Over the time I used it I found myself being very loyal to it....I would use it each night before bed and wake to lovely soft feet. It cured the dry patches I gain around my ankles and made the health of my toe nails so much better.
It smelt gorgeous and never left any greasy residue behind which was great. I love how quickly it gets absorbed too, especially into such tough skin.
I wasn't the only one who loved it....partner loved receiving a foot massage every now and then so I think he is more upset then me now that the tube is all gone.
I loved this foot cream and loved gaining all its benefits. I would love to own another tube! I'll never forget that beautiful lavender aroma.

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Lovely but not hydrating enough

I received the L'occitane Foot Cream as part of my Best in Beauty prize package. Thank you so much! Upon opening the tube, I'm greeted with the relaxing scent of lavender. It's fantastic to find a foot product that does not contain the usual peppermint that most companies insist on using. I like the cream being packaged in a tube as it makes it easy to dispense the product.

The texture of the cream is silky smooth and it absorbed into my dry skin straight away. The L'occitane Foot Cream is ideal for the day as it did not leave a greasy residue. Although the L'occitane Foot Cream contains a high percentage of shea butter, I was surprised that it did not feel hydrating enough (my skin felt dry again almost immediately). I gave some of the foot cream to a friend to try, and she agreed with my opinion.

I have read the rave reviews from the people before me, so most people find that it is hydrating. I usually buy natural body creams that don't contain silicone (the L'occitane Foot Cream contains cyclopentasiloxane and dimethicone), so perhaps it is the silicone content that has effected my opinion.

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Best foot cream ever

I just adore this product. Yes, there are cheaper options available, however you really do get so much more from this product. I love that my feet still feel nice half an hour after I've used it yet it isn't really greasy when first applied. The smell is lovely too.

I use this product twice a day, every day and would not even consider changing this routine.

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I adore L’Occitane products so was super happy to see this included in my Best in Beauty 2013 prize pack. I also love foot creams as I suffer from annoying dry heels. This foot cream is rather light and runny in texture and soaks in fairly quickly as far as foot creams go. It’s not as heavy and sticky as a lot of foot creams can be so is therefore more comfortable to use. The smell is heavenly and very relaxing with the inclusion of lavender oil. This is a gorgeous product and I will be sad when it runs out.

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Thanks to France

The shea Foot cream is a life saver and the best foot cream I have used! I first discovered the cream in France and since Ive never looked back.
Now Im one of those people that when it comes to my feet, hands and body I always have good intentions but always fail- but this product changed my life- yes its that good.
The shea foot creat comes in a long metal tube with an easy cap tip that is super easy to use and squeeze the product out- it only allows for little bits at a time so no overuse happens.
The cream itself smells like lavender and is super super soft. I just love love love the smell. Its so calming and instantly refreshing without being over-powering.
I find it quite runny and light but on application- especially to very dry feet- it absorbs instantly. Instantly your feet are super hydrated and super super soft. It absorbs into all those nasty areas likes toes, backs of heels and crackles.

After a good self pedicure this product works even better- scrubing your feet and then applying this product all over them allows for even more application and absorption! Its also great before bed with an application of socks and in the morning your feet feel amazing.
The rich 20 per cent shea butter in this product is brilliant, apart from the great lavender oil, this just adds extra benefit to the product! Long term use of this product (which can I just say- is incredible for me to commit too), my feet are amazing- super soft, super smooth and super hydrated!
For me, I can use this all year round- I think its nicer during winter when your feet are seriously needing a boost but even in summer ive been using it and its great for me-its not too rich for me!
I cant recommend this product enough- its brilliant! For great feet this is a must have! Best foot cream ever!

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Exactly what I needed

15%Shea Butter Foot Cream for dry skin.
This is a no fuss product that does what it is supposed to do.
It comes in a metal tube with a plastic twist off cap (shaped like a large old-fashioned toothpaste tube), meaning that the product can be squeezed out in seconds and is hygienically stored.
The cream also has a light lavender scent which is pleasing to the nose, it is not heavy in consistency and also therefore soaks right into your skin.
It helps moisturise tried and neglected feet making them look better and feel softer.
The only thing that had me looking twice was the fact that on the box it says under caution, wash hands after use. I hope that is because you have just touched your feet and not because of the product itself, just saying....

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Thick, creamy and all use wonder

This is one of my favourite all time foot cream brands.

I don't need much, maybe a few squeezes to moisturise my much dried out legs when they look like they are in need of some creamy manual love.

Totally recommend this brand for your foot cream needs.

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Charlie B


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A beautifully lavender scented foot cream

This product has a gorgeous relaxing lavender scent, which is one of my favourite things about this cream.

I really love to use this when I feel like an afternoon of pampering and looking after myself.

The cream is not overly heavy, but is truly hydrating. It feels lovely and luxurious to massage it into tired feet. It also does a great job at healing my dry heels.

Overall, it is a beautiful foot cream.

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Best in Beauty Awards 2013 Vote

This is my all time favourite foot cream, it is such a lovely product and a delight to use. The ingredients are so natural and beneficial for my feet, such as shea butter, lavender essential oil and arnica extract. The tube is 150ml and a little bit goes a long way so the tube lasts a long time which is great. It has a divine lavender fragrance which is very pleasant and I find it quite relaxing. I apply it to my feet before bed and then wear socks to lock in the product. Upon application it feels soothing and gives blissful relief to my tired, achy feet. The cream is rich but it absorbs quickly and doesn't feel greasy. It just feels like a nice treat for my feet. When I wake up in the morning my feet feel smooth, soft and hydrated. A very well deserving foot product nominated for the Best in Beauty Awards 2013 and it has my vote!

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Best In Beauty 2013

I've had the pleasure of using L'Occitane Shea Foot Cream for a few years & have never been disappointed with the results.

I exfoliate, then apply & wear silk socks for at least half an hour to encourage maximum absorbancy The texture is rich & luxurious, so I recommend application when you have some "down time". My feet are extremely dry (like the rest of me) & need all the help they can get. This cream allows me to bare my formerly manky feet without shame. I've even been brave enough to have the odd pedicure without feeling embarassed (though I'm sure they've seen worse....).

L'Occitane have many great products, but this is one of my favourites & is a deserving nominee for Best In Beauty 2013.

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