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Shea Foot Cream

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Contains 20 per cent shea butter, as well as soothing lavender essential oil and arnica extract for its anti-inflammatory properties. L’OCCITANE Shea Foot Cream smoothes and softens skin while relieving tired, achy feet.

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Lavender creamy goodness

This massive tube of foot cream comes in the standard metal tube with the little screw cap that can be a little fiddly to put back on once you have creamy lotion all over your hands!

This smells like lavender, but not overwhelmingly like it. This is very rich, and I would advice wearing thick socks with this one, or leave your feet dangling over the edge of your bed, and not to just get into bed straightaway, or you'd stick to the sheets!

The feet do feel quite nicely hydrated afterwards, and in the morning, without feeling slippery. Fantastic!

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Makes my feet feel nice

i don't usually use foot cream but i received a small tube of this in a free gift with a purchase from L'Occitane - i massage it into my feet before bed and it leaves them feeling really soft and warm and strangely comfortable! Love this stuff, probably won't buy it considering it's pretty expensive and i don't have dry feet but I do like it.


Massaging into your feet before bed is really nice

Ideal for

Dry feet



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I use this foot cream at night and then put socks on. It's quite greasy but it smells nice and does a good job. I sometimes get lazy over winter but I use it every night in summer and my feet are really smooth. The packaging is gorgeous - I really like the silver tube. The hand cream is great too.


don't walk on a polished floor after applying :)



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This cream is the best foot cream I've ever used.

My feet feel soft, refreshed and have the texture of my feet from my late teens every time I use this.

It soaks straight in and doesn't leave an oily or creamy layer on your feet. I can walk barefoot within a few minutes of using this cream on my wooden floor.

Plus, as a bonus, my palms are moisturised from rubbing it in.



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Best In Beauty 2014

My favourite foot cream....

I absolutely adore this luxurious foot cream. Presented in a huge 150ml tube, L'occitane Shea Foot Cream contains Shea butter to moisturise, anti-inflammatory arnica extract to help reduce redness and irritation, and lavender oil to soothe tired aching feet. It is also available in a smaller 30ml tube, which is perfect for travelling.
I apply this beautiful cream to my feet last thing at night to keep them soft and smooth. The lavender scent is very soothing and calming at the end of a long day.
It's thick and creamy, but non greasy and absorbs very quickly. This is my absolute favourite foot cream, and I have repurchased several times. A very high quality product, and highly deserving of a Best in Beauty award.



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Best in Beauty 2014

Firstly, the packaging of this product sucked me in straight away. There’s something about aluminium tube packaging that’s just that little bit more ‘luxe’ than your standard plastic packaging.
This is a lovely, rich foot cream without being overly greasy. You don’t need to use too much and it sinks in fairly quickly. I put this on before bed and put socks on after to keep all that moisturising goodness on my feet and not on my sheets.
This has a lovely subtle lavender scent which makes a nice change from all the pepperminty scented foot creams out there. It also contains shea butter which is well known for its moisturising properties.
This comes in two sizes. The larger tube works out to be better value but the smaller tube is great for travelling or for if you want to try the product first before investing in the larger size.
I highly recommend this product for all foot cream fans out there. You won’t be disappointed!



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Best in Beauty 2014

I really do love products that do exactly what it is supposed to do but still has that little extra that is hard to place which just puts it in front of its competitors which do just what they are supposed to.

The L’OCCITANE Shea Foot Cream comes in an old style metal tube with a screw lid. When you dispense the product you have product in your hand which has a medium texture compared to other creams it is not runny but light enough to very easy to spread, it spreads almost as easily as a very runny cream.

I usually use this product at night just before bed and wear socks to bed to help with absorption. The slight lavender fragrance really helps with the thought that you are really giving yourself a pampering session.

I never really thought about it at the time but later on after abusing my feet for a few weeks I was expecting for them to take a while to heal but with this foot cream my feet were back to the soft feeling feet they usually are within a week.


Put them on before going to bed and put socks on overnight.

Ideal for

Dry, abused feet would benefit the most from this product.



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Best in Beauty 2014 - superb!

I purchased this foot cream after trying the shea butter hand cream and falling in love with it. I now am in love with this foot cream. I do think it is a cult product and worthy of a Best in Beauty award this year and every year. I voted for it last year and have to vote for it this year as well.

It is a very luxurious cream with shea butter and other wonderful ingredients including lavender. The tube lasts a very long time and sits nicely in my bedside table drawer next to the hand cream. The cream is thick but absorbs well and I generally apply it at night before going to sleep. I find it very relaxing and soothing and, although I am not a huge lavender fan, the lavender in this cream is not overpowering. My feet are soft and smooth from using this nightly for several months.

During the summer months I prefer a lighter cream or a gel, but find that I still reach out for it as I find it so calming.

A superb, luscious foot cream!



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Best in Beauty 2014- Thick nourishing cream

This foot cream comes in a typical L'Occitane foily tube with s screw top lid, flip top would be more practical. The cream is rich and thick, by thick, I mean, really thick! It has a mild lavender scent which is pleasant and relaxing.


Since this foot cream is thick, just a little bit massaged into my heels worked wonders. I applied this cream at night and immediately my heels were soft and moisturised. The cream quickly absorbed into my skin and got rid of any dry flaky looking heels. Soon, after a couple of day's usage, my heels were soft and no cracks were seen. I judge a good cream by the fact that I use it for a couple of times, then go a day without it, and then see if my skin still is moist and it was!

Ideal for

This is slightly more expensive compared to foot creams bought in the shops but this cream has a very inviting fragrance and is also thicker and works better than other foot creams for me. Overall, I enjoyed using this luxurious foot cream and it was a nice pampering treat for my heels.



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Best foot cream money can buy

Along with the hand version, I love this product! It is the thickest, richest foot cream I have ever tried that can take care of dry rough feet in one night. I apply liberally, massage in and wear thick socks to bed. I wake up with baby soft feet. Especially great in the winter time. It comes in a convenient metal tube and I always use a tube ringer so I can get every last bit of this fantastic product.

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