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Uses a combination of sodium lactate and lactic acid which assists in attracting and retaining moisture within the structure of the skin. This enables the rapid restoration of hard, cracked skin and sees the return of soft, suppler skin. Designed to be gentle on the skin, it is lanolin free, fragrance and colour free and is formulated by dermatologists.

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Best in Beauty 2014 - My feet loves it!

By far the most amazing foot cream I have come across! It works like a miracle! Its fragrance free and has a thick rich texture. With regular use, I have seen immense improvement in my cracked feet and it looks and feels baby soft. I don't mind the smell as long as it keeps my soles protected and moisturised.

Scray Scray


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What's that funky smell!?

Haha, maybe it's just me, but whenever I use this, it smells funky. Like feet, but 10x worse. And no, it's not me - it's the cream! But I'm not complaining. It works a treat. It's thick. Like hard butter out of the fridge. But it melts effortlessly when in contact with warm skin. The tube is nice and big and very squeezey, so you'll be able to extract every last bit. It works wonders too! Money well spent, I say!



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Best in Beauty 2013

I have noticed a great improvement in my heel since i have started using this balm. Its thick in consistency yet non greasy and absorbs easily into the skin. My heels have become more smoother, all the dry rough skin is gone. The cracks are filled and my feet looks beautiful. I often use it on hands too and it makes them soft and supple.



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During the Summer months my heels are a right off! The weather always cracks my heels :( This is of thick consistency and I used it only in the evening after shower just before bed. I used cotton socks over the balm as I did not want to change my bed sheets again. The cotton socks were amazing with the product. My heels look like they have been to a podiatrist :)


A must for everyone with the cracked heel problem - very nourishing. Use twice per week. Fantastic product.

Ideal for

Men & women



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Works mighty hard

Firstly, I love the packaging. I remember seeing this balm on the shelf years ago looking a bit tired, but this new packaging is far more inviting.

I brought this balm after a search for something to give my feet some TLC. Before baby, I had more time for pedi's and foot soaks but now I don't squeeze them in as often. This balm is that wonderful solution. It's a really thick consistency so I have been (especially on the cold nights) lathering it on my feet and popping some socks on and jumping into bed. Letting it do it's magic overnight. The rough skin around my soles has softened, making wearing thongs a lot nicer.


Rub it in and put some socks on to let your feet soak in the moisture.

Ideal for

Time poor people with neglected feet and heels



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I have very dry feet as I'm constantly in the pool. One day after work they were starting to sting and I found this in my mums cupboard. It is fantastic! It's really thick, non-greasy and I could feel the difference straight away. It absorbed easy and I'm going to go buy my own tube! I don't really have cracked heels, but used it on my whole foot and it was fantastic. I would have given it 5 stars but I didn't like the smell.

Ideal for

Dry Feet



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This foot cream really gets down to business and moisturisers your feet.
Its very thick in consistency and works really well.
I love it heaps.
I rub the cream on my feet, mainly the soles of my feet and then pop on a pair of socks and go to bed and within 2 days my feet feel amazing.


Really good to put socks on after you apply the cream.

Ideal for

Dry cracked scaly feet



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This is a nice product to use. I would have to say that i had to give my feet other treatments before i got them back to respectable but once they were not so dry and cracked i used this product every second night just to keep up the moisture to my feet. It is not greasy like some and is gental on cracks in your feet so it doesnt sting. Keeps your feet really nice when used often



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it's ok but not the best

i must admit this product is not so greasy as it's competitiors and the fact it's made by QV is good, but it is not as effective. I found that it took a very long time for it to work. I will be going back to the brand Eulactol after I finish this tube



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Ees good.

It works, but like many other reviewers before me have said, it requires consistent application and patience for the results to yield. An odourless, balmy paste that gives a nice smooth texture to my soles though I have to admit I've tried better brands for similar prices. Worth trying out; not worth repurchasing.

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