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Burt’s Bees Coconut Foot Crème smoothes, softens and moisturises rough, dry and calloused skin on the feet. Coconut oil, olive oil and lanolin all work to deeply moisturise the skin, leaving it supple and healthy, while vitamin E and rosemary leaf oil condition skin and assist with its repair. Burt’s Bees Coconut Foot Crème is 99.4 per cent natural.
The environmentally-friendly tube contains 42 per cent post-consumer recycled plastics and can be recycled again.
Apply the cream liberally to the rough and dry skin on the feet, massage and cover with cotton socks.


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David Jones, Myer, Priceline, Harrison’s Pharmacies, Klein’s Perfumery, Terry White Chemists and selected retail outlets

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Coconut Oil & Peppermint Pamper Tootsies

Burt's Bees Coconut Foot Cream 20g comes in a foil sealed squeeze tube with a screw cap lid.
The foot cream is enriched with Coconut Oil and a litttle Peppermint to pamper tootsies.
The cream is a tinted gel formula that melts to an oil form with body heat.
The texture is not sticky, it does feel a little greasy, similar to ointment.
It has the gorgeous smell of coconuts, a tropical aroma.
The foot cream is massaged into feet at night before bedtime and covered with cotton socks overnight.
Morning results with feet feeling fabulous, hard skin around heels softening.
It is a lovely cocktail of skin softening ingredients, so beneficial for feet.
The foot cream can be used for rough or calloused feet or for a foot pamper treat.
The Coconut Foot Cream is from a Tips & Toes Kit (not displayed), purchased from Priceline.

Made in U.S.A.

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Love the smell, texture a bit oily

Love the smell of this product very tropical and massages in really well. Leaves a bit of an oily residue on your hands though.

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Helpful, but super slippery

Quite good at softening the hard, calloused areas of your foot - but I noticed that you really need to give the tube a good shake so it doesn't separate, otherwise you end up with a clear greasy liquid only. Best used before bed (and try to avoid applying it in the bathroom as walking barefoot on tiles with this creme on is quite slippery).

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Careful with application.

Watch out with this one, it's definitely a product to use before bed. If you don't shake the bottle wll before each use, you will end up with a liquids mess. It leaves your feet slippery so I put socks on straight away after applying. If careful with application, this product works wonders on the feet.

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too greasy and slippery

The smell is not pleasant at all which is a shame since I'm normally a huge fan of Burt's bees products. It's very greasy and doesn't seem to soak in at all, more alarming is the fact it makes you're feet very slippery and could be quite dangerous.

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Burts treats your feet

I actually found this smell far too overpowering and the texture was a bit greasy.
My personal opinion - I am not a fan of coconut smells as they are far to overpowering for me but I know others who just love coconut.
It is great to treat your feet once in a while as the poor tired souls need some TLC, but just make sure you do this after you wash your feet and you dont plan on walking around on your feet too much afterwards.

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Great Smell, Really Greasy

I love thick foot cremes. I bought this after a cold winter with sore, cold feet and found it was okay. Loved the coconut smell, the small amount of peppermint tingle, and the consistency. Unfortunately I didn't feel like the product absorbed properly, and it felt greasy, netting it a 3 star rating.

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Just the ticket for smooth heels

I have to confess I wasn't expecting much from this as I've only used more 'medicated' products. I was lucky enough to win this as part of the Glosscars and I have been mightily impressed with it. The tube is the golden yellow trademark BB colour with Red type and a botanical illustrations of coconuts. That the tube is 42 per cent post-consumer recycled plastics and can be recycled again is a great reason to buy this product, but I've also been converted by its sweet, mostly coconut fragrance with a hint of peppermint and the thick texture of the product which makes it a breeze to apply. While I still use a pumice on my heels at least once a week, as it's been so hot recently my heels have really needed a surefire product like this one. The first time I used Burt's Bees Coconut Foot Creme I used way too much! Now I only use about a pea sized amount on each heel then cover with cotton socks before I go to bed. I prefer cotton as it still lets your skin breathe and your feet are then less prone to fungal infections. I use this creme once a week but I may need to use it more often over summer as I wear open shoes or go barefoot more frequently. I know there are some who aren't enamoured of this creme but I can't say a bad word about this product. Full marks to Burt's Bees, I will be purchasing this once I have finished every last ounce of my current tube of 'dream creme'! Apply thinly to heels or toughened skin and then wear cotton socks over the top.

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Not sure...

I have this foot creme in the Tips and Toes kit and I'm not a big fan of it. When I have used it, it didn't sink in as well as the Peppermint Foot Lotion and just left an oily layer on top of my feet. Not good when you're just about to get into bed! I don't mind using it on my heel and on the sides of my feet where they don't usually touch the floor but I definately would NOT repurchase!

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Best foot cream ever

I swim a lot and my feet were so sore and cracked until I got this gorgeous cream. It comes out thick and gooey, but gets absorbed quickly, and smells amazing. I do love the scent of coconut though, and someone who doesn't might find it strong. For me, putting on this cream is like being on holiday - there's a rich coconutty scent that follows me around. Best of all, it works!

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