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Coconut Foot Crème

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Burt’s Bees Coconut Foot Crème smoothes, softens and moisturises rough, dry and calloused skin on the feet. Coconut oil, olive oil and lanolin all work to deeply moisturise the skin, leaving it supple and healthy, while vitamin E and rosemary leaf oil condition skin and assist with its repair. Burt’s Bees Coconut Foot Crème is 99.4 per cent natural.
The environmentally-friendly tube contains 42 per cent post-consumer recycled plastics and can be recycled again.
Apply the cream liberally to the rough and dry skin on the feet, massage and cover with cotton socks.


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David Jones, Myer, Priceline, Harrison’s Pharmacies, Klein’s Perfumery, Terry White Chemists and selected retail outlets

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Best product for occasionally dry feet

I love this cream, it's the perfect solution to my dry feet and also works great on my lower legs with high socks. However, the tube does run out quickly, so I would recommend using it occasionally or sparingly.

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Effective foot cream

This is a delightfully scented foot cream, that not only smells beautiful, but really does help soften the hard skin on the feet. Use after a shower too and put some socks on, you will notice the difference

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Great moisturiser - tube too small!

This is a great moisturiser for the feet, quickly absorbed and extra rich and lush. The main problem I had was that it didn't seem to spread very far, and the tube is not huge, so I was going through it really quickly. I ended up using it as a "spot treatment" and putting it on the edges of my feet where it would start to get a bit calloused. Then I'd use another lighter lotion over my whole foot.

Read the full review of Coconut Foot Crème by Lara62.



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I found this foot cream to be perfect! The smell is great an hydrates my skin wonderfully! No oiliness afterwards and absorbs super quick. Love it!

Read the full review of Coconut Foot Crème by Stef511.



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Great smell

Foot Creme is a little misleading because thin more closely resembles a gel, but it's a really lovely foot care product.

I don't usually care for foot care products because the majority of them smell heavily of peppermint, and that's not always a smell that I like. The light coconutty fragrance is a very welcomed change.

The ingredients in this product are really quite clever. Coconut oil has anti microbial properties, so it's a great ingredient for foot care as fungal infections can be an issue for many people. It probably wouldn't help much if you already have an infection, but it would certainly be preventative.

A little bit of this cream was sufficient, as a little goes a long way. I rubbed it all over the bottom of my foot, paying extra attention to my heels and the sides of my little toes where my shoes rub so there's a little callous there, then socks on. I could feet the oils still on my feet when I rubbed my toes together, but within a couple of hours it had all soaked into the skin.

This Foot Creme is quite good and a welcomed change to traditional pepperminty foot products.

Read the full review of Coconut Foot Crème by Lucrecia629.



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Smooth as silk

The best foot cream ever. My feet can get quite dry and rough, particularly in winter and I find with this, they are nice and smooth. I use this acouple of times per week as a treatment. It can be abit messy to apply and is a little greasy but it does sink in. I use it right after I get out of the shower and put socks on overnight. It smells really nice too which is a bonus.

Read the full review of Coconut Foot Crème by WarPaint.Artistry.



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Perfectly smooth!

This cream is absolutly devine!
I recieved this as a free gift with purchase and I have absolutly fallen in love with this product!
The smell is fresh and refreshing and the cream is nice and thick so its perfect for rehydration on dried out feet. Before bed under a good pair of socks is best unless you like to slip around the house?

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It smooths over the skin well, it smooths the skin but did nothing for my cracked heels. It made my skin softer and smoother.
It takes a while to sink in so it should be applied before bed instead of in the morning.

Read the full review of Coconut Foot Crème by Nikikaycool.



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Use under socks...over night

I only ever use hand and foot cremes under gloves or socks otherwise in my opinion, it wears off and goes to waste.... This smells great even in morning and after washed off..
Softer smother smellier feel .... My fave...

Read the full review of Coconut Foot Crème by Retro-glam.



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Just okay

I was hoping to fall in love with this foot cream but, alas, I haven't. The fragrance is too overpowering for my liking and the texture is quite thick which I find difficult to blend into my feet. I much prefer a finer texture and, after using this for a couple of months, my feet are softer but I have had the same results with other products that I much prefer.

Read the full review of Coconut Foot Crème by Roxymisha.

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