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Colgate Optic White is a revolutionary whitening toothpaste that features the whitening ingredient that dentists use* to deliver three shades whiter teeth after four weeks use. The patented concept behind Colgate Optic White has been 20 years in the making, and harnesses the powerful effects of hydrogen peroxide to go beyond surface stain removal to deeply whiten teeth.

Always read the label. Use only as directed

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*Gentle, lower strength 1% hydrogen peroxide formula for everyday use. Individual results may vary.


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Great price

Love this product it's such a good price and actually does what it says it should! I have got my teeth professionally whitened and I just use this toothpaste to maintain. Defiantly the best out of the ones at a similar price range.

Read the full review of Colgate Optic White by Josiemwah.



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reasonable results for a reasonable price

I am currently using the optic white toothpaste and having used whitening gel from my dentist in the past i would say the results are reasonable. You will not get results as quickly as the whitening gels but if the toothpaste is used as directed they will come close. It's a good paste to maintain your white teeth after professional whitening.

Read the full review of Colgate Optic White by madelene.



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Like the taste but don't see results

Like most toothpastes that claim to whiten, this just doesn't do enough whitening to convince me of it's price tag. I'll stick with the $3 toothpastes from here on in. I guess if I want that white shiny smile, I'll need to go see a dentist for something more permanent and noticeable.

Read the full review of Colgate Optic White by Stath2000.



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Great toothpaste

My partner and I use this toothpaste and have both noticed a whitening effect. The tube is a fair size and lasts a long time (about 2 mths) as you really don't need a huge amount. It seems to froth in your mouth a lot more than usual toothpaste. It has a slightly strange smoky taste for a moment and is fairly abrasive but does a great job of cleaning your teeth and giving them that fresh feeling.

Read the full review of Colgate Optic White by MelissaFay89.



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Works Well

I noticed that I had whiter teeth in just one week! But don't expect massive changes just a little brighter and whiter!

Read the full review of Colgate Optic White by Lilyre1999.



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Excellent and inexpensive product

Highly recommended as it offers a deep clean giving you that clean fresh feeling afterwards. This product is quite inexpensive when compared to similar products, however this actually DOES what it's supposed to do

Read the full review of Colgate Optic White by Sophia716.



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really works!

i really love this toothpaste. i do not have the whitest teeth at all due to my massive addiction to coffee lol but this definately helps keep them white. i have been using this product for about 7 weeks and am really happy with the results. its not instant results you definately have to keep using to notice the difference but after my first tube ran out i went back to using my old toothpaste for a while and noticed my teeth going back to being yellow again and after going back to colgate optic white they are looking much better again. i also really like the taste. its a very intense minty flavour and burns your tongue when you first star using like mouthwash but after a few times you get used to it and its actually really refreshing and my teeth feel so clean after using it. definately recommend to try.

Read the full review of Colgate Optic White by Samandpink.



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White teeth

I have always had pretty white teeth but since using this product, I have noticed I get more comments on how white my teeth are. While it is no match for professional whitening, it is a great alternative to save money but still see some results. At first I did not notice any difference after brushing but with continued use my teeth have been looking whiter.

Read the full review of Colgate Optic White by Beautybabe140194.



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Makes a subtle difference

I was thinking about getting my teeth professionally whitened, but I have concerns with teeth sensitivity, wearing down tooth enamel, and having a strong gag reflex. I was grateful when Beautyheaven sent me Optic White as part of my Best in Beauty prize package. It’s a great way to introduce myself to teeth whitening.

I used Optic White for about a month, and I wasn't certain whether it had made a difference or not. I usually use natural toothpastes, so I was concerned about absorbing some of the chemicals from Optic White, so I stopped using it. After some time had elapsed, I noticed that the yellow tinge on the front of my teeth had returned. I could see that Optic White had made a difference; although a subtle one. I am now going to keep using Optic White, but I will alternate it with my natural toothpaste. I am also going to buy Colgate Optic White Toothbrush + Built-In Whitening Pen and see which product I prefer.

Using Optic White did not increase my tooth sensitivity. Other reviewers have mentioned the taste of this toothpaste being an issue. I agree that the toothpaste doesn't taste great, but I've tasted worse things, and any bad taste is temporary.

Read the full review of Colgate Optic White by Petal.



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White teeth plus enamel

Ive really enjoyed using this toothpaste in the past because it whittens my teeth and make them brighter- but like ive said in the past it has put me off because I like a bit more enamel and extra protection as well- well now Ive purchased the new colgate optic white enamel protection- and im satisified and protected.
Firstly the taste isnt so strong- well it doesnt seem so - as much as the original- its still warming but definately not full on and strong like the past.
Colagate Optic white comes in a bright red toothpaste which is a large container- each time I buy this it lasts me 2 months plus with darily twice a day use! The optic white comes in a decent sized tube, after use for four weeks I still have half the tube left so a good buy.
Within 2 weeks my teeth are brigther and cleaner and all the surface stains are removed- super impressive.
This new version is great- because it protects the enamel as well and cleanses - my teeth feel cleaner than the original- and not just white.
Super impressive as it whitens and protects my teeth!

Read the full review of Colgate Optic White by ray_jay.

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