The hair and beauty world has received a devastating blow this morning, hair icon and legendary stylist Vidal Sassoon has passed away of natural causes at age 84.

The man who was described “as a rock star, an artist and a craftsman who changed the world with a pair of

scissors”, has passed away in his Los Angeles home today – and the world mourns his passing with thanks for the mark he has left on the world, and more importantly, the hair industry.

Starting out as a shampoo boy in Mayfair at Raymond Bessone’s salon, Vidal Sassoon opened his very first salon in London in 1954 at age 26 – and since then has become one of the most integral icons in the hair industry. Sassoon is best known for his introduction of short, geometrical styles, that wowed the beehive-wearing beauties of the 60s – a style that we fondly refer to today as ‘The bob’.

Vidal Sassoon has left an integral mark on the hair world, and is the man behind some of the amazing hair tools you use today. In honour of the legendary stylist, we’ve pulled together some of best every hair tools from VS Sassoon.

Check out the gallery and tell us what impact Vidal Sassoon has had on your life, and on your hair.



What impact did Vidal Sassoon have on your life, and on your hair?