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13 Jul 2009 09:28 AM | Posted by Editor
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We love a bit of inside goss from a TV starlet, so it was a pleasure to grab a few precious minutes with Ada Nicodemou, a.k.a Leah Patterson-Baker on Home and Away, and the face of new mineral make-up brand Nude by Nature. Nicodemou tells us why she loves mineral make-up, her bedside table essentials and why undiluted tea tree oil is so not a good idea.

What the most interesting beauty product you own?
Nude by Nature mineral make-up as it’s all natural and good for skin.

The best beauty tip I’ve ever heard is…
Always wash your face at the end of the night. The one night you don’t, you’ll wake up with huge spots the next morning.

Name a worst-ever beauty blunder.
I tried to treat spots on my face with tea tree oil but didn’t realise it had to be diluted first…I ended up burning my face!

Who’s your beauty icon and why?
There are a few! Kate Hudson, Charlize Theron and Jennifer Aniston to name a few. They’re always so effortlessly beautiful and natural, as though it’s taken no time at all to get ready.

What’s on your bedside table?
A book, cuticle cream, hand moisturiser and a good lip balm.

What’s the last beauty item you bought?
I just bought a new eyelash curler. I love the look when I use one.

What’s your usual beauty routine?
I cleanse, use a light moisturiser when I need to, eye cream. I exfoliate twice a week, try to get regular facials, eat well, drink loads of water, exercise as much as I can and finish by wearing Nude by Nature mineral make-up to let my skin breathe.

What must-have beauty product would you not leave home without?
Lip balm and perfume – every chick needs these in your handbag for touch-ups!

If you were shipwrecked on a desert island what three beauty products would you want with you?
The entire Nude by Nature range, especially the Mineral Bronzer and Finishing Mineral Veil.

If you weren’t an actress you’d be…
A Real Estate Agent, Financial Planner, running some sort of business or a Life Coach …there are so many things!

Why mineral make-up?
My skin was going through a terrible stage of really breaking out, and I didn’t know why. At work I can’t really control how much make-up is put on my face, so in my downtime, I wanted to cover my flaws but in a way that would allow my skin to breathe. I decided to look into the natural side of make-up and discovered Nude by Nature.


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