Earlier this year we gave you ‘Five minutes with Ruby Rose’, where we chatted about her sexuality, her strangest tattoo, and of course, her beauty secrets.

Now we’re back with another five minutes with Ruby - only this time she’s answering all the questions YOU asked her. So sit back, relax and get ready to learn a bit more about one of the newest faces of Maybelline New York, the lovely Ruby Rose…

Q: “How do you keep your skin looking so flawless and gorgeous?” – MissChriss

A: I have stopped drinking, don't smoke, have an addiction to bikram [yoga] and coconut water, and keep my skin out of the sun. I believe that although a good moisturiser and cleanser are great, it's what you put inside your body that shows on the outside.


Q: “What make-up brands/products do you favour?” – Shull87

A: Well…obviously Maybelline New York!!!! Haha what else is there? Skin-wise I mix up my toners, moisturisers and skin products because I feel like after three to six weeks my skin needs a change. I love Falsies Mascara, and Baby Lips by Maybelline – that's all I use when flying. I'm low maintenance! 


Q: “What is your favourite long-lasting lippy? You can really rock a bold red lip!” – Nda

A: On the last few shoots I’ve done for Maybelline, they’ve used their Superstay 24hr lippie or Color Sensational, which is more of your classic lipstick. I think the shade they used on me last time was Superstay 24hr in Keep Up The Flame. It is such a hot colour that I may have taken it with me afterwards!


Q: “What’s your style inspiration, both as a designer and in every day life?” – MissChriss

A: Ummmmm...I guess just expression, art, and energy. I vibe my energy and go by that. I use fashion to kind of express my inside emotions. Music is a big part of my life and I often draw influence from songs too.


Q: “In a past interview you have said that you were bullied at school. I would love to know how you re-built your confidence after that?” – Jenniqua

A: It's a self-discovering process really – a tough and long process but one that builds a strong foundation for you later in life. It's a sink or swim scenario and I worked hard to swim. You just have to be kind to yourself.


Q: “How do you maintain that banging body of yours? And as you’re a vegetarian, I’d love to know if you have some veggie cooking tips!” – Spunkx

A: Wow!!! I really want to Google recipes right now. The inner perfectionist is telling me to Google some rad stuff, but the inner honest kiddo is like, 'just admit it. You can't cook.' I love raw food though and now you have pointed it out maybe that's actually because I don't have to cook it. I eat lots of greens…greens with garlic and chilli!


Q: “How does it feel to be one of the faces of Maybelline New York? In what way do you feel that you’re a good representation of the brand?” – bh’sDeb

A: It feels amazing. Surreal almost, I mean I remember watching the ads growing up. I never thought I'd be one of the girls!
I feel like they chose me because I'm unique and they have often gone for unique, strong women. So I think it’s really a big compliment. I hope I am a good ambassador for people who enjoy the brand but show people to embrace what they have.




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