Want to change up your hair for spring but feel like Jessica Alba’s super-blonde ombré strands have put you off regular balayage? Or maybe you ADORED the African-inspired orange dip-dyed strands at the MYER Spring/Summer Collection Launch but weren’t too sure if heading down the colourful road was the answer to all your hair woes?

No sweat. I’ve got the answer to your springtime hair experimentations that combine the best bits of both of the above, and that answer is this: reverse balayage.

Yep, I’m suggesting you indulge in a little dip-dying fun during the warmer months and jump aboard the backwards balayage bandwagon. Laura Whitmore did, and she looks grand. (She’s an Irish television presenter for MTV Europe, by the way, and she’s also ridiculously cute.)

Notice the somewhat subtle colour change around her collarbones? And how the dip-dyed ends match her brows? This is the picture of reverse balayage perfection, beauties. Matching her tips to her brows means the hair hue complements her complexion and isn’t too harsh against her base hair colour. Plus, keeping the colour change at collarbone length means she’s stayed true to the on-trend dip-dyed finish. It’s fun. It’s chic. It’s striking. And it’s the easiest way to switch-up your current ‘do when you’re not OK with reaching for a pair of scissors or going all out with crazy colours…

Now, obviously this colour style works better if you’re already a blonde, but brunettes can still get involved, too – just make sure you speak to your hairstylist about slowing making the transition from brown to blonde using full-head foils to build-up the colour, before dip-dying the ends. (Bleach is not your friend, dear fellow brunettes.)

For blondes, once again, speaking to your stylist is smart. (This is definitely not an at-home job...) They’ll be able to create a hue that complements your skin tone and doesn’t leave you looking washed out, as well as create a base colour that’ll show the least amount of regrowth. Oh, and most certainly invest in a colour saving shampoo and conditioning duo – they’ll boost the shine factor and longevity of your colourist’s handy work.

Random sidenote: the beauty about this hair colour trend is it that it’s the perfect in between for a blonde who’s thinking about making the transition to brunette. Think of it as that fun flirtation stage before committing to chocolate strands for the long-haul…





What do you think of this reverse balayage style? Are dip-dyed ends something you’d like to try? And are you bold and brave enough to try colourful ends?

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