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    Molton Brown Hydrate – Desert Bloom Intense Foot Rescue helps repair dry feet and leave them soft. It leaves the feet scented with an aroma of jasmine, lemon and basil. Mexican candelilla plant wax hydrates while plant cellulose extract locks in moisture.

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    Curash Multi-Purpose Healing Cream
    1 review
    5 hours ago

    a must-have for the whole family, not just babies!


    Three toddlers in my house means lots of nappies and various skin conditions. My twins have very sensitive skin as they were prems so I must be really careful what I use on them.

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    8 reviews
    6 hours ago

    At last... a good tubing mascara!


    I purchased this product on sale by chance and I was excited that it was a tubing mascara.

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    Daily Microfoliant ®
    273 reviews
    6 hours ago

    Best exfoliator ever!


    I had read many reviews online recommending the Dermalogica daily microfoliant as it was suitable for all skin types, gentle yet effective and does not contain oils.

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