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    Skin Care

    NS-8 Leg Care Cream
    13 reviews
    1 hour ago

    Complete 24hr moisture


    Absolutely loved this product!

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    Maybelline New York
    Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser
    36 reviews
    3 hours ago



    I was recommended this product from the local Priceline lady who seemed to have the same skin type as myself.

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    Argan Oil of Morocco Nourishing Shampoo
    1 review
    3 hours ago

    ooooh shiny!


    My First Trial and i was super excited to get the opportunity to trial the Argan Oil of Morocco Nourishing Shampoo.

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    1. 2 seconds ago

      Hi I was just wondering if anyone knew of good highlighters under $20

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    2. 6 hours ago

      Hi everyone, I don't really have a question as much as needed some insight and a bit of a pep talk! So…

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    3. 22 hours ago

      What are your best tips (and fave products!) for after wax care? I'm an every 4-weeks waxer (in salon…

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    4. 22 hours ago

      I have been colouring my hair at home on and off for over 25 years. I am naturally fair but was extremely…

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    5. 1 day ago

      Hi guys, I've just discovered Sukin products in the last couple of days and had planned to purchase…

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    6. 1 day ago

      Hi everyone. I was flicking through Priceline's new catalogue and saw a hair growth product called…

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