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    Britney Spears Beauty
    481 reviews
    2 days ago

    Sweet Creamy Deliciousness!


    I remember smelling this the year it was launched, I thought it smelled like fairy floss (cotton candy). I didnt purchase myself a bottle until 12 months ago and I love it.

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    L'Oreal Paris
    Infallible Liquid Foundation
    47 reviews
    2 days ago

    Full coverage, heavy weight


    I bought this foundation in 120, which is the palest shade available in my local Target. I know that there is a lighter shade available, however I haven't been able to find it yet.

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    John Plunkett Skincare
    John Plunkett Protective Day Moisturiser
    3 reviews
    2 days ago

    Great light day cream


    I received this cream as a gift and while I normally like something with a higher SPF rating, this is a very nice daily moisturising cream.

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    1. 5 hours ago

      I'm growing out my hair and the goal is hip length hair. Right now I have mid back length. So I was…

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    2. 12 hours ago

      I'm posting this for anyone who may have shopped with Sephora today and taken advantage of their so called…

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    3. 1 day ago

      Hello beauties. I was wondering when does a love of beauty become an addiction? I am buying more and…

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    4. 1 day ago

      Hey beauties! So, I'm planning to change my skincare routine a little right now. At the moment, I…

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    5. 1 day ago

      I thought it would be fun to have a thread of purchases we've made because of BH. So if you've bought…

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    6. 1 day ago

      I've recently began working out more often and enjoying it, and would love any tips or ideas of workouts…

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