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    Batiste Dry Shampoo
    Heavenly Volume Dry Shampoo
    1 review
    19 minutes ago

    Degreases, adds volume, grit and texture


    I won 10 cans of an assortment of Batiste dry shampoos and the Heavenly Volume dry shampoo plus is one of the first ones I tried from this brand.

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    1 review
    30 minutes ago

    A Complete Facial Treatment


    I loved that everything I needed for a facial treatment was included in this 'triple packette'. There is a cleanser which was so nice - it left my skin smooth and feeling super clean.

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    Pro Longwear Nourishing Waterproof Foundation
    6 reviews
    46 minutes ago

    Absolutely brilliant!!


    I used this last year for my wedding foundation and oh my word!!!! I will never use anything for a long day event ever again!!!

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      Hi beauties. I've been using Ella Bache for years & in recent times mainly buy my products on StrawberryNet…

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      I thought I'd steal a thread idea from another site and that is shower thoughts! Basically those strange…

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      So I was on Facebook today and this girl was showing the set of oval brushes that she got from this Facebook…

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    4. 15 hours ago

      Hi beauties, I was wondering if you all could share some ideas to organize a dressing table. Mine…

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    5. 15 hours ago

      Hi beauties, I have come across a new online shopping destination and i am LOVING it. It is called…

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    6. 19 hours ago

      Basically unwanted hairs are growing because of it's critical factors such as hair follicles which performs…

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