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Schwarzkopf Extra Care Hair Care
BB Cream
15 reviews
8 hours ago

Boosts Hair Appearance & Protection


I've been enjoying applying this on these hot heat wave swimming days we are having at the moment!

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Maybelline New York
Color Sensational Bold Matte Lip Color
9 reviews
8 hours ago

beautfiul colours and product.


i absolutely love the Maybelline color sensational bold matte lip colors! i have only one shade which is MAT7 the nude shade.

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Age Proof Replenishing Night Cream
15 reviews
8 hours ago

Screams quality!!


This moisturiser is the only moisturiser that I have completely finished in my whole life!

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    Our bodies produce and coat the skin with skin oils. These oils are important their functioning your…

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    How can I prevent blisters this Summer when I'm wearing sandals or nice heels? When I walk more than…

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    A couple of years ago I had to take a medication which had a known side effect of hair loss, everywhere…

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    Hey guys! So the winners of the BiB competition were announced recently, a massive congratulations…

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    I currently have braces and am due to get them off soon but am finding them particularly hard to clean…

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  6. 13 hours ago

    As I mentioned before I was able to do a swap for a product I bought on sale that didn't suit me and…

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