Kim Kardashian is a clean freak. Or so she says. In a recent interview with the UK’s Sunday Times, she confessed she has a cleaner tend to her home three times a week, yet she still finds the need to clean in between those visits. (Crikes, she really is a clean freak…)

But that wasn’t the most intriguing comment to fall from Kim’s mouth during her interview. Well, not to me, anyway.

The star is a beauty product hoarder. How do I know this? Here’s what she told the paper: “My bathroom is full of shower gels, body scrubs and shampoos — at least 20 different ones — all colour co-ordinated, height co-ordinated and scent co-ordinated.”

Now, let’s ignore the OCD-esque height, scent and colour co-ordination of the products for just one moment. (Kim did also confess she believes she has Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, but that’s a whole other story…) Instead, let’s focus on the large number of products she has in her shower: at least 20 different ones.

Is this shocking to you, beauties? Does it sounds like an alarmingly high number of products to store in one’s shower at one time? I say a big fat YES, but at the same time I cannot talk: my shower is jam-packed with beauty loot, and if you peeked into my bathroom cabinet, my chest of drawers and under my bed, you’d probably have a heart attack. But at least I have an excuse – it’s my job to test beauty products and boy, I take that job seriously.

Considering Kim Kardashian has loads of cash to splash (or freebies to score from brands wanting her to push their product…), I’m actually surprised she doesn’t have more shampoos, conditioners, cleansers, washes and gels in her shower. After all, a girl likes options, and a girl with cash likes lots of options.

Kim, good on you for coming clean about your OCD-like behaviour and your beauty product-hoarding obsession. It’s refreshing to know that behind all the TV cameras and under all that make-up you’re pretty much a normal chick – one who not only loves a tidy, well-kept house, but one who adores beauty loot, too.

Cherie Herrmann







How many beauty products do you have in your shower? Do you think Kim Kardashian’s stash sounds a little too over the top? Or would you have as many products as her if your man/housemates/family allowed it?