I’ll be honest, beauties, I’m a bit of a fan of the matchy-matchy make-up look. There’s just something balanced about it, you know? And when it’s done well, it can leave the owner of the colour combo looking seriously polished. Michelle Williams nails it all the time (think red dress and red lips), but it’s Victoria Beckham’s recent dabble into the Land of Matchy-Matchy that’s got me in a complete spin right now.

Attending the Range Rover Evoque Special Edition launch earlier this week in Beijing, China, Victoria Beckham rocked one glorious beauty look: plummy nails, a plummy, smoky eye and a plummy frock.

You may think this sounds really intense, but when you add touches of the same hue to different parts of your look, the result is stunning. And even though the colour plum can be quite dark, moody and intense, the subtlety of the eyeshadow on the outer corners of her eyes works incredibly well with her well-groomed wine-stained nails and the panelling in her dress. She’s used the hue to tie her whole look together wonderfully.

VB is clearly a smart woman, too, because teaming this look with a flesh-coloured lip – and not a berry stain, gloss or lippie – keeps her looking fresh, modern and stylish. Props for her slightly messy, textured updo, too. That’s well worth copying as well.

So, now you’ve witnessed Victoria Beckham’s matchy-matchy goodness, why not try it yourself? Start off by matching your nails to a hue in your dress, or your lip colour to your nails, and then work your way up to a VB-esque combo when you’re feeling brave. It’s a fun way to play not only with make-up and polishes, but freshen up an outfit, too. Gotta love that!

What do you think of Victoria Beckham’s matching nails, eyes and dress? Are you keen to create your own matchy-matchy look?