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    Easy Natural Curler BHH777/00
    1 review
    2 hours ago

    Quick curls!


    I don't curl my hair very often because I'm way too impatient, but this tool makes the whole process a lot faster.

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    M.A.C Technique App
    13 reviews
    3 hours ago

    Awesome concept, but slightly confusing


    First of all, I want to say that overall, I think this is a great app to accompany a M.A.C technique session.

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    Broadway Press & Go Nails - 200 Casting Call
    1 review
    3 hours ago

    the colour is very bold and looks classy


    if you can't afford the acrylic nails that you get done at the salon, but you want the looks of them for an affordable price, these nails are a good idea.

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    1. 2 hours ago

      Hi beauties My latest Aldi catalogue lists the Lacura brand Caviar Power Foundation and Concealer…

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    2. 3 hours ago

      Hey everyone :) I have my second interview at Mecca coming up and I have no idea what to expect. Has…

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    3. 17 hours ago

      I am sure i'm not the only one who suffers this problem, but throughout the day my mascara leaves marks…

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    4. 20 hours ago

      My hair has product buildup on it. Even when I wash my hair it just doesn't come off. Can you please…

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    5. 21 hours ago

      I've contacted Milky Foot but no one gets back to me, so hoping someone can please help me. I've…

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    6. 21 hours ago

      'Tuscany per Donna by Aramis' was discontinue some time ago (see pic). Before being discontinued, taken…

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