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ColorBurst™ Balm Stain
31 reviews
14 hours ago

Pouty pop of colour with a minty hit


What they claim:

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The Body Shop
Brazil Nut Body Scrub
6 reviews
15 hours ago

All time favourite!


This has always had a spot in my shower stall - the scent makes you want to eat it!

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Australis Cosmetics
Top & Base Nail Colour
7 reviews
15 hours ago

As good as any


This top coat is nice and clear, very shiny and lasts decently. For the price I think it is great, but not really any better than many others at this sort of price.

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    Who can recommend a really good DIY fake tan that's also cruelty free? I'm looking for something that…

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    I was planning on getting my hair permanently straightened around this weekend, does anyone know some…

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    Okay so i've tried a lot of mascara over the years. From the cheap supermarket stuff to the high end…

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    Okay so I've had skin problems for around 8 years now and i'm really hoping someone can help me out with…

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  5. 12 hours ago

    Hi Beauties, Many of you know I love Eye of Horus, EOH, the brand. In fact, I seem to recall one of…

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  6. 14 hours ago

    Hey girls!! I am going overseas soon and I really want to purchase some more MAC products. Cn anyone…

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