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    Studio Waterweight SPF 30 Foundation
    8 reviews
    34 minutes ago

    Another MAC foundation!


    I had the privilege of being able to review MAC's latest foundation release to the envy of many of my friends!

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    M.A.C Technique App
    9 reviews
    45 minutes ago

    Interesting idea


    Lately there's been an increasing trend for beauty brands to branch out into the interactive mobile app field. Mac is not the first but I highly doubt they'll be the last!

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    M.A.C Technique
    9 reviews
    53 minutes ago

    Fun and informative


    I had the fortune of recently being invited to a Mac Techniques event for their latest Studio Water weight foundation.

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      Hi all, I've followed the site and threads for a while, but always been too shy to post anything. But…

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