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    Skin Care

    ghd platinum® styler
    1 review
    3 hours ago

    Having good hair days with GHD. Basic, but very effective.


    I received this little beauty in the Glosscars 2016 winners box.

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    Just For Men
    Shampoo-in Haircolour
    3 reviews
    3 hours ago

    Good For Greys


    I dyed my boyfriend's hair with this shampoo in colour and I must admit, he was quite happy with it.

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    Skin Naturals Micellar Cleansing Water
    299 reviews
    3 hours ago

    Lazy Girl's Saviour


    This product is great when I'm in bed at night, watching tv and wanting to take my make up off.

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    1. 3 seconds ago

      Hi lovely BH beauties There is currently a Annabel Karmel toddler search going on which I have entered…

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    2. 26 minutes ago

      Anyone with an Elkie Creative Styler version 2.0: I only just came across this today. Scary, because…

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    3. 2 hours ago

      Hi all I'm looking for a lash serum (sorry if this topics been posted before i've had a look and…

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    4. 18 hours ago

      I'm in Perth so no Sephora here but.... I am off to Bali in August and there is a Sephora there so please…

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    5. 21 hours ago

      I did an online Woolworth order and had it delivered this afternoon. There was a wonderful surprise…

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    6. 1 day ago

      Hi, this is kinda related haha. Anyway my friend is a newbie drag queen and we are looking for others…

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