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John Frieda
Sheer Blonde ® Everlasting Blonde ® Colour Preserving Conditioner
1 review
5 hours ago

Beautiful product


I just love this product. You don't need very much and it makes my hair soft and smooth straight away.

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NYX Cosmetics
Dark Circle Concealer
4 reviews
11 hours ago

More of a corrector than concealer.


This product is available in Australia through some select cosmetic stores as well as good Ol' Target. Keep an eye out for the sales, you might catch NYX on sale like I did.

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Certified Organic Rose Hip Oil
73 reviews
13 hours ago

Healthy and Happy Skin


I received a sample of the Kosmea Rose Hip Oil and I was pretty impressed with the product. I have only been testing it for two and a half weeks.

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